How To Buy The Bottom

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Why is it hard to buy the bottom?

Watch at 1.25x speed for a better viewing pleasure!

Selling the top but missing the bottom was a buddy of mines biggest regret; hodling he would be a lot richer.
Have to be unemotional,

always check what you know, hard to be right.

The bottom is filled with catchers = easier to buy.
When the market reverses your buys raise the price much quicker.
When the seller's exhaust, it takes very little demand to raise a price quickly.

New paradigm shift:
People thought Amazon would fail because it didnt has a big warehouse and lots of assets.
People thought Facebook would fail because of no revenue model/history/assets.
People thought Fortnite would fail because it was free to play and no one was going to spend money on virtual clothes in a game.
People think crypto will fail because they are not backed by equity in a centralized company. Crypto will fail because there is no CEO. (decentralized cryptos)

Things like Steem/EOS will be stripped for every piece of resource that can be sold on a secondary market.

Too many think things should be free because they believe they have always gotten them for free. If its free you are the product being sold. IE nothing is free.

Nation states don't dictate what currency is. Bitcoin proves this is going from pennies to 20k per coin in ten years. Nation states will continue to make their own "tax crypto" because that is all it will be used for. However, when the nation states realize their tax crypto is worthless and no other nation-state will accept it, and decentralized cryptos are rising in value and accepted everywhere, it will be straightforward for the switch to flip and they start to take decentralized cryptos for taxes; once this happens, it is GG fiat tokens.

Voter Proxy Coming Soon.

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@theycallmedan, everyone wants to buy at the bottom. But the question is: when the market is at the bottom? At the moment, in my view, we cannot say that the crypto market is at the bottom.

And, just to add some words. I've been working on the financial markets for the last almost 13 years. In the first 3-4 years of my journey on the financial markets I also used to buy "at the bottom", or "trying to catch the falling knifes". It turned out that this is the worst investment strategy on the financial markets. At the end it may turn out that you will accumulate trash that you will never be able to sell, simply the value of the assets bought may go to 0. So, for my 13 years of experience I have learnt that it is better to buy an asset when the prices or the market is increasing (Uptrend) rather than trying to buy an asset in a downtrend.

“if it’s free, you are the product being sold...”

this could be the most important point you made man. i don’t think people understand the ‘free’ front end that these major sites make billions on.

fantastic video. i showed this to my wife and told her to watch it. lol she asked me the other day why i believe in crypto and steem so much...this basically explains it lol

the masses are going one way, i’m making sure i head in the compete opposite direction!!

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I explained to my mom crypto, and she said, "well that makes sense!" - super bullish xD

Your mom sounds awesome! :D

For me I’ll make a decision when to buy but probably in stages. Thanks mike

I find that dealing with the emotional piece is by far the most difficult. I do the best when using tools that allow me to pre-decide, set a strategy, and forget it.

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For what concerns us, I trust that the future of crypto is great as nations will come to its rising.

The shift is coming! I will never know when the top or bottom is so I just buy every month! It has gotten me below a $1 average cost which was my dream when I started in 2018. The only thing that has changed is that it has gotten better as an ecosystem so I keep buying.

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speaking of bottoms nlc2 has gotta be close. I do wanna buy that bottom.

I definitely don't have problems buying at the bottom, just wish I had the funds for it.

Hi Dan,
Excellent post - Truly the moment nation states realize their tax crypto is worthless and no other nation-state will accept it will indeed be a major turning point for crypto! The Banks and federal reserves are SUCH obvious negative and even criminal forces on our lives that time cannot come soon enough!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Great post, it's always good to hear someone talking sense about the crypto markets. I agree with you on everything you covered.

Many people have been wrong to think that these companies, because they do not have a good structure or capacity, were going to fail, so they were totally wrong. The companies grew and worked, since they adapted to the new technologies of the market. I understand that it talks about the value of the current steem, and the fact that its value is currently 20 cents. In the future, when the price of the sttem approaches the values ​​of before, we will regret having sold each one of them

Great info right there! TY!

As you said mate it is really hard and dangerous to buy the bottom that's why I buy partially as the price allowed me to build my steem account and also hold some other cryptos that I wouldn't afford otherwise...
Nobody really knows where that bottom is...

Nice video once again Dan. You keep us motivated... I am telling you

made my day with the children and fortnite Vbucks :D

I already bought the bottom.. more than 5 times :D


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People fear the fact what they consider as basis, I spoke about this in my last dtube video, because they feel a material do not have a realistic model which can make it succeed, they'll completely write it off and honestly watching this is really touching because I think people always choose the wrong prerequisite to judge failure.

Good one

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I’m looking for the bottom like this 🤯

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Hello, @theycallmedan, the contest about the delegation of 10,000 SP has created a lot of activity in steemit and that is very favorable for the whole community, besides discovering to do surveys, however, I have noticed that there is Many accounts that have the same pattern "New accounts without activity". I do not know if you noticed this but I can give you a summary. It does not seem competitive to me since the votes are completely false accounts. It is necessary to implement a filter to avoid this type of inconvenience.

Arbitrators, audits of votes. They are just ideas

@theycallmedan, I want to give an example here and that is, watching from outside and watching from inside is different experience. When we watch from outside without any knowledge and knowing the potential we throw perceptions, but when we enter into some economy, then we hold experience and strong picture.

Currently we are going through from the same situation and every new and current giant Technology and Innovations faced the same situations decades ago. In my opinion, "HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS". Stay blessed brother.

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Yes I agree with you and I like dtube video if you create this..

Interesting article. It will be interesting to see how all these things play out.

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I would like to ask if we reduce the size of video what will happen with quality of content.

I notice no difference in quality.

The era of CEOs that are making Billions and the workers that are working for the bills will come to a end.
Once people realize the true power of decentralization and how much money Facebook, Youtube, Instagram make from them, there will be a massive shift that will keep spreading.
I can see a future for Steem and i never been so Bullish in my life!

Some says the we already reached the bottom prices while others says otherwise but it is wise just to buy now because it is already cheap and since the prices goes in cycles it will go up inevitably @theycallmedan afterwhich we can take profits.

However, when the nation states realize their tax crypto is worthless and no other nation-state will accept it, and decentralized cryptos are rising in value and accepted everywhere, it will be straightforward for the switch to flip and they start to take decentralized cryptos for taxes; once this happens, it is GG fiat tokens.

I hope the discover this sooner!

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