the second half of that slaps anyone that is listening. and demands action.

i salute that man because we seem to have all the excuses in the world now. but then things start to moonshot or improve....the noise usually sounds like ‘i wish i could have taken more action back then’

back then is now. build everyday!!

The older one gets the fewer opportunities they get

Definitely amazing by all means, sometimes we must be willing to preserve, go farther, take risk because we may never have the right chances presented to us any longer.

I know some people didn't watch really but amazing rap song at the beginning of the video

Very inspirational, Dan...

Time is the most valuable and precious commodity... One must keep moving to make the most of every moment!

It is also important to push beyond comfort zones to achieve #growth.

Thanks for the reminder, @theycallmedan!!!

Wow! What a great inspirational message to all people in this world. It touches to my deepest chamber of my heart that gives me more courage to go on. Thank you @theycallmedan and to @dcontest for sharing this good encouragement we must apply to our life. Let us build it.

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Well @theycallmedan. I am not and I'm not gonna be the regular flatterer commentator in your posts by any measure.

More than anything, because I almost never am able to watch & listen your DTube vlogs due the crappy internet connection I have here on my neck of the woods. However this time, after reading the title of this post. I endured with a lot of patience the load process of the video to finally see, for at least once, about what the hell you are talking about. And glad I did it.

I mostly agree with almost everything you are saying here. Except two little things:

  • 1.- Yes, you always have & perpetually will have a lot of room to bluff. Which in consequence gives you plenty space to wiggle & move. Otherwise, without 'bluffs' none of these bigwig fuckers would have the chance to win so many rounds in a row in this playground we call earth like the rounds they are winning nowadays. ¡You also will have to bluff! no matter what. You will have to fight fire with fire whether you like it or not. And do this with an even more serious, hermetic and inexpressive face than theirs. Without allowing you even a mere blink.

  • 2.- "Keep on moving" "Keep on shuffling" "Leverage the opportunities" Yep, everyone is sitting around the table playing the same game. But not many are sat in the same kind of chairs.

Keep Walking!!


As for the background picture of your today's vlog. And to reinforce the bullet Nº 1 in my 'objections' above. I'm just gonna drop this pic below for your next edition. };)

The Last One Standing... by bluffing!!


Cheers!! :)

That’s 2 PAC Intro is just the best 😎

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What a Speechless Amazing Impressed Inspiration Speech ! ♥ thanks ♬

Yeah Now is the Best Time to Do Right Now something ! Act ! Build !


Everyday One Step by Step Further !
Focus FoCus FocUs
Higher Further Faster ! 💙

Great motivation..Yeah we need to train ourself to start something and do so something.

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WOW captivating. Do not stand still.

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Yes, great speech Dan.

True talk my brother💪👍😍

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This inspired me. I have made a move just days ago where everybody around me doubted it. I know one day, I can prove them I've made the right decision.

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Tears in my eyes

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Deep and inspiring lines @theycallmedan.

Very well, amazing and inspirtaion speech...!
☺️ ☺️ ☺️

Saved again no data 😅

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Only God Can Judge Me =P Only God Can Judge Me now

Congratulations sir your video had been selected by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Additional Information : is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy

This is a very nice speed. Keep it up and keep psoting these kinds of posts.

Great dude. Take the things need to accomplish. 😀

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Nice and inspirational vlog.

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That is at the speed of light

Great video Dan, we all have room to grow! But don't always realise it.

You sound much older then you really are!

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so strange I was just thinking about giving up with crypto, after lot of efforts... started to doubt it was making sense. And I just hear you say a lot will be caught ! So clever, you get it right

so strange I was just thinking about giving up with crypto, after lot of efforts... started to doubt it was making sense. And I just hear you say a lot will be caught ! So clever, you get it right

Opportunity is now! Never underestimate our potential if we just try and persevere. Great quick talk buddy!

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Great video, very inspiring as always. I also really like the music I heard at the beginning.

My poker chips are my offline crypto. I've spent so long reinforcing that those holdings are my main hands to go all in with, but then debate if it should be moved into Steem for the ROI factor/diamond in the rough appeal with the social media trends changing.

I'm earning no ROI from those holdings, which could've been compounding and helping others for years. Talks like these stir me up to reconsider things, but I can't help but fall back on staying true to the original plan (and hold where more are following the money), and there seems to be more likelihood of global adoption/stability... It's like I have Aces and Kings, and can't get myself to loosen up to swap out some weight in those with a suited connector, when I can continue to earn Steem at no risk.

Great talk.

Inspiring one speech @theycallmedan

Do you write this speech first or speak just as comes in mind?

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