Congratz To Power House Creatives aka SteemitBloggers For Winning The 20k Delegation!

in #dtubelast year (edited)

A BIG congratulations to @steemitbloggers for a well deserved victory!
You fought long and valiantly!
This video is about a poem dedicated to me,"They Call Him Dan" by @quillfire of Power House Creatives, and... Recite I can!

Also, congratulations to the rest of the top 20 contestants for winning a 1k SP delegation for a year:

By the end of the day, I will send all the delegations.

-Look out later today for a video I will post where I pick a winner for a 5k one year delegation using a randomizer (1-20 #'d by alphabetical, one of the top 20 contenders.)

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DAN ... You Are The Man!!!

I did an informal poll of the Power House Creatives' women in PHC's Discord Chat.

"What do you think of Dan now that you've heard him recite poetry?"

Here's a sampling:

@jaynie ... "BOOM-BOOM-BABY!"

@traciyork ... "Man-Flesh Awesomesauce!"

@fionasfavourites ... "Man-Flesh au Sauce Andalouse!" ... (Fiona's a chef and she's quite particuclar about her sauces.)

Dan ... you've got groupies!!!

Thanks mate. Great job. :-)

And thanks, once again, for sponsoring these Contests. You've earned your stars.



You do know that @quillfire is not given to hyperbole and never uses his poet's license...

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I was ... aggressively paraphrasing. :-)



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Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

hahaha you are just too much, Quill

is Dan a vampire now? all the man-flesh quotes making me worried :P


is Dan a vampire now? all the man-flesh quotes making me worried :P

Groupies ... go figure.


Can this be turned in to an audio podcast series? Quill and Dan the Man teaming up... Food for thought


We'd need a Sound Producer, wouldn't we?


Thank you Dan for yet another round of delegation. Steemit and all the communities involved are loving your generosity and it is refreshing to see a whale such as yourself still looking out for the little guys.

So many projects work their butts of for little to no recognition from the larger players. Qurator did not win but that is ok, that 1K will go a long way. We really appreciate it. It slightly reduces our monthly costs to keep the witness and service running. Every bit help and we love you for it!

Thanks again!

@theycallmedan thank you!! ((:
None of this would have been possible without your generous giving, which triggered the ripple effects in this space (:


Thanks for having these contests @theycallmedan and supporting community building and content in the Steem ecosystem... and thanks for being a "good sport" about the varied and interesting approaches different groups took in their efforts to win! I'm sure both @votovzla from the first contest and now @steemitbloggers will put their delegations to good use in the year ahead... and offering smaller delegations to all the other contestants is a very generous gesture, too!

Congrats to the winners and congrats also to the creator of this poem.
Damn...that gave me chills!


... congrats also to the creator of this poem. Damn...that gave me chills!

You have no idea how hard poets work, often for years, to achieve that singular sentiment amongst the members of their audience.

Thank you.


Nice poem and the rhyming of the words were cool nice one @quillfire and Congratulations @steemitbloggers you all deserve it and keep on helping users : )

thanks @theycallmedan and congratulations to the winner.
From Venezuela we appreciate your noble gesture to help the neighbor.


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Thanks a million for everyone who participated!

Congratulations to the winners

Let’s not stop here and let’s take the wonderful people of our Blockchain to Mars and beyond:)


And thanks to you too, Nathan. For those who don't know, Nathan has been running a Twitter-based Contest that force-multiplied the effects of @theycallmedan's Contest.

Whales working together to accomplish a common goal ... Concentration of Force. Napoleon would be proud.


Congratulations to @steemitbloggers and @jaynie they came pretty close in the last poll also but lost out in just the last minute. Much deserved appreciation for their work.💪

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Thank you for ensuring that everyone gains from this process. Well done to all!

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I think it is SOOOOO FANTASTIC that you actually did this!!! - And you did it proud too! @quillfire truly is a master of the written language. Thank you so much for the delegation @theycallmedan - It is valued GREATLY as you no doubt already know.

I allowed our account a day to recoup and now I am eager to start spoiling all our fabulous members that worked so hard for it!

Thank you for everything! It sure was an adventurous roller coaster ride haha!!!

Congratulations for all.

Especialmente a los representantes de la comunidad hispana @help.venezuela, @rutablockchain, @sc-v, @celfmagazine y @la-colmena


Thanks @Theycallmedan for this awesome gesture. COngrats to the winners!

Excellent. I know holding back my vote till the last minute was a good idea. Now I can claim this entire victory as my own! :0D

hehehehe ;) I saw that vote come in!

Well, at least I THINK I did lol - it literally WAS within the last hour haha ;) GRAND ENTRANCE!!! haha

Haha, the churlish among us would say that I forgot and had to be reminded but who would think such a thing!?

Congratulations to @steemitbloggers / @powerhousecreatives for the delegations. Congratulations to Quill for giving a hell of a fight and bringing up some sensitive issues this platform needs to confront and resolve if we want Steemit to survive and honor its potential.
I have been a bit off due to family issues and missed most of the discussion, but I think @quillfire deserves all the recognition he's gotten because of his effort to support and promote meritocracy and fair play.
My respect and recognition to @theycallmedan for reaching out to the surviving communities that are trying to make Steemit the great platform it can be and promoting this kind of competition and collaborations.
The poem itself was the result of a collaborate artistic effort and this recitation was the culmination of that effort.
Great job everyone.


Hey mate. Thanks for the kind words.

So that there in NO EXCUSE ... I sent the Application Link for Power House Creative to your DM. Henrry ... don't make me come down there.



Done, I think :)
(power outage.)
A bit overwhelming, all the discord follow-ups. I hope to be able to do all that.

Congrats Guys!! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Thank you!!!

That was a great poem! Powerful message “merit not pedigree” as it show we are in control of our destiny! Thanks for being a believer in this great ecosystem!

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This is SO AWESOME! Hahaha, the reading was actually pretty good! Thank you dan once again for doing this and having fun at the same time :)

Btw, in case you missed the gift I posted, here it is again, on behalf of the #powerhousecreatives as a thank you gift for being awesome!


This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

On behalf of @homesteaderscoop and @naturalmedicine, thank you very much for allowing us to participate in your nomination, competition and thank you for the 1k delegation. We appreciate your support!

DAN you are THE MAN! What a week this has been!

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It's really happy to see that another big community getting more powerful than before, and expecting we will get huge support from them.

congratulations to the winner, the greatest success. to the rest of the contestants, good luck for the next

Those can expect delegation who are really delegated for others, thank you dan sir for selecting @steembloggers, congratulation @steembloggers for getting such kind of delegation, Best of luck.

And congrats @crypto.piotr and @steemchurch for landing a 1k sp delegation even though we lost am proud of how much votes we gathered

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congrats to all!

Thank you so much for hosting this and being so very kind! May you continue to be blessed! Have a great day!

You read the poem. Great job! Thanks.

I can't even with the wicked awesomesauceness of this! 😂 😊


Congrats bro!

Amazing dear^^

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Congratulations @steemitbloggers ...

GG Congrats :)

At first congratulations @steemitbloggers and top 20 winner
But I am showing the top 19 members here. Who is another?

Congratulations to everyone
It’s great that no one walked away empty handed
Thank you @theycallmedan for your generosity
And whooohooo!! You read the poetry 😁

Congratulations @steemitbloggers for the win. Well deserved.

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Congrats to the seriously Power House Creatives! Very suiting name for the talent you hold 💪

Thank you Dan for this opportunity. Though we did not take first place a spark has been ignited within our community and for that we thank you. We will wield your delegations with pride!

We Will Get There Together

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And ..Recite You Can! Beautifully done!
Thanks ever so much for your generosity and faith in the STEEM Blockchain to keep the growth happening!

congrats @steemitbloggers for winning

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amazin bro!

Dear @theycallmedan

Respect for organizing and managing contest of such a huge scale. I can hardly imagine how difficult it has been

Also congratulations to @SteemitBloggers and everyone who supported their efforts.

Best regards,


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Congratulations to @steemitbloggers. Huge supports from the community.

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Well done for reading this poem and reciting it beautifully. Thank you for running the competition in the first place. I'm sure it has been a fascinating experiment at the very least.

Congratulations to all of the finalists for a hard fought battle but most of all congratulations to us, the Powerhousecreatives, for being consistent and relentless.

We have a great family and will endeavour to do right by your generosity @theycallmedan.

Thanks again.


How awesome & congratulations @crypto.piotr !! Couldn't have happened for a better guy! ~WAHOO!~*

Congratulations to powerhouse creatives... Amazing and well deserved!!! Thanks so much @theycallmedan for the delegation to @naturalmedicine and @homesteaderscoop. Really appreciated.

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Congratulations @steemitbloggers! Your victory is well deserved, well earned :)

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD):

follow: @homesteaderscoop

Congratulations to all the winners, such a great competition. Everybody should be very proud of themselves. Dan you are amazing and such a generous Steemian. Bless you. 🙏

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Recite you did! And so soon at that. It's good to see such involvement.

Good luck on your quests, whatever they be!

Awesome contest. Congrats to @steemitbloggers.
Thank you.
Resteemed :-)

A huge congrats to the winners @steemitbloggers for wining @theycallmedan's 20k SP.
A really awesome marketing on the part of @steemitbloggers that drove people to vote for them.
Congrats again :)

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@steemitbloggers, Congratulations and keep up the great work. Hope that your community efforts will bring more growth.

@theycallmedan, Your continuous steps to boost diversified projects and Steemians is really appreciable and definitely these kind of efforts will inspire other Steemians to spread the supportive and encouraging essence in the Steem Economy. Stay blessed.

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Hey Dan. It must be a first reading a poem written about you for you. What you have done is very generous and I am sure all involved will appreciate this kind gesture.

I hope that poem was hard to choose as the winner,
seeing as how it aggrandizes you so much.

Hopefully it was chosen because the underlying message is bigger than that. It does seem to perfectly mirror your global thinking, after all.

Thank you for believing so much in Steem @theycallmedan and congratulations to @sc-v that continue to do that great job

Well done deserving winner :) 👍 Dan

Congrats to the winner. And I hope they really make use of the 20k delegation

This win for the Power House Creatives (@steemitbloggers) community only shows that they are a force to be reckoned with. It's a deserve win, maybe you didn't won the previous 10k sp delegation because you are ought to win a much bigger prize. Buckle-up and be ready to swing-up, expect more Steemians to apply for membership to the Power House Creatives community. Congrats! cheers.

Thanks for this motivating contest @theycallmedan, I hope to see more of these in the near future. Kudos!🤘

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I wish everyone a wonderful year.
There is also great @theycallmedan body health.

I was divided between them and @homesteaderscoop. I think both are equally great, despite being very different projects.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

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I appreciate your valuable working project so carry on your activities..I think that you are a super hero.

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