My Humble Request For Your Support 🙏

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Hello BeautyFull Beings! Happy Friday!!

How are you doing today? Amazingly amazing I hope!!

As you are mostly likely aware... @theycallmedan is generously holding another dpoll and this time it is for a 20k delegation that goes to the winning community for 1 year. WOW!!!

I am reaching out to all of you with a humble request for your support. If you have not already cast your vote...would you please show me & the @steemitbloggers aka #powerhousecreatives community founded by @jaynie some #steemlove and vote for us?

You can do so here

Thank you in advance!! You abSOULutely Rock & We greatly appreciate it!

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Music - Strivers by tubebackr

To my friends & family that are not yet partaking in the awesomeness of the Steem blockchain...There's no time like the present to join & begin your journey. Jump in with ACTIFIT & begin stackin your crypto while improving your wellness along the way! You'll be glad you did!!!

My Actifit Adventures/ActiZnaps

Znap7 Intro/Profile Video for FamilySeven77
ActiZnap No. 1: Introducing ACTIFIT
ActiZnap No. 2: Winter Storm Walk
ActiZnap No. 3: An Actifitastic Flashback (My 65k Actifitivity Journey)
ActiZnap No. 4 - Ice Walk Adventure
Happy Monday! Bright Blessings Upon Your Day & Your Week!
ActiZnap No. 5 - Winter Walk Adventure
Actifit Adventures: ActiZnap No. 6 - My Workout Shoveling
Actifit Adventures: ActiZnap No. 7 - Happy Friday Snow Walk
Actifit Adventures: ActiZnap No. 8 - Happy Saturday! (Thinking of Spring Walk)
Actifit Adventures: ActiZnap No. 9 - Sunday Funday Winter Walk
Actifit Adventures: ActiZnap No. 10 - Fitness, Fresh Air & Fun - Starting the week off RIGHT!
Actifit Adventures: Tuesday Morning Active Meditation
Actifit Adventures: Winning Wednesday with Wellness
Actifit Adventures: Therapeutic Thursday Winter Walk


See You Again Soon ~ Much Reiki Love

A Little About Me: I am an Actifit Moderator, Dedicated Actifitter, Full Time Caregiver, Friend of The Forest & Passionate Reiki Practitioner. I am also a proud member of the Power House Creatives Community as well as a Ulogger.

It is my hope that each of you keep your love lit & make the most of this ever unfolding Now Moment.

Thank you for passing through...

As All-Ways, Thank You for Being YOU!!!







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Thank you 💖

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Thank you thereikiforest! You've just received an upvote of 68% by @ArtTurtle!

Learn how I will upvote each and every one of your art and music posts

Please come visit me as I've updated my daily report with more information about my upvote value and how to get the best upvote from me.



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Good luck!!

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Thank you very much 💖🙏💖

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Voted for @steemitbloggers
Cheers! ;)


Thank you so much Sweetie 😍😍😍
Reiki Hugs!!! ✨🙏✨

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I see your icon everywhere! Thanks, btw, for all the likes and retweets on Twitter. Keep up the great work ... we WILL win this thing!

As One.


Excellent post, we should get some votes with this selection. 🤞

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Peace and love to you!✌

Enjoy the free vote! I hope you continue to enjoy your time here in this wonderful community we call Steemit!


Thank you 💖💖💖

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