YouTube is going to add debunking "Flash Cards" to conspiracy videos

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YouTube is going to add debunking "Flash Cards" to conspiracy videos, because they are your parents and want to tell you want to think.

▶️ DTube

Welcome free thinkers to the thought crimes division of the technocratic control grid. Have a nice day :)

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They gaming everything hard at the moment - but its a good thing in the long term, because people will move to more free platforms that they have no control over. Every-time they do stuff like this, other places like Steemit and Dtube become more popular lol

Sent you 10 million tpy or transparency tokens, please share them, with worthy participants of deepdives, much respect. D.

only 10 million ppsshh, ... only kidding @shepz1. Thank you, i take it you created the token? Very cool. I have checked out the site and pondered making one myself. But I will certainly help spread them around with the DD community. Thank you kindly!

Yep I created it via that great project, and no point in having.. to not share, in my world. :-) Have a superb week.

Ugg, I have suffered already this past month or more.

The climate change cards are showing up everywhere. I should be worried about the future of rising CO2 levels when watching videos about current day threats like snowstorms and ice? No, I don't trust everything google/youtube wants me to know.

I am also finding them appearing in front of any Trump videos in which he denies various crimes and wrongdoing his opponents have accused him of. Google wants me to know that Trump is a dirty scumbag.

Yeah, its all going to be use within the elections etc., no matter what you think of Trump - it would seem that everything is targeted hard towards 2020 :/

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