Julian Assange arrested inside embassy #Wikileaks

in #dtube5 years ago

Sadly, Julian Assange has been arrested in the Ecuadorian embassy in London by the Met Police. They state this is for failing to surrender to the court and following a US extradition request.

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I am utterly stunned. The implications of this has set a precedence for anyone seeking to expose truth to power. I had to come to DTube to watch this video. This is the first time YouTube has marked this video "unavailable" for me to watch on your channel Ed. (And I'm a subscriber who pay to remove ads.) I seek out truth and it is my opinion that dark actors are using Julian as a bargaining chip or a narrative change to what's really going on or about to take place. It sickens me to see this. I have been seeing the steady decline in journalism for nearly 40 years — and this is by far is the darkest stain for the so-called press. The fifth estate is nonexistent now. The truth is becoming harder to find. Propaganda seems to be the mainstream consumption. ((THEY)) want to keep you in the dark. The corruption is global. We are just food for the machine. We must stop it before we all befall its wrath. Thank you Ed. Keep on fighting.

Condolences Ed, if there's anyone in the world that gets it more so than the next person / journalist it's you. Everything is happening so fast in this world and this is for sure a monumental moment in history signaling perhaps the official start of the Brave New World or who knows maybe this is the beginning of the end and this is all coming to a head. I think people are getting tired of the 16 to 24 year olds running things into the ground with the help of great grandpa Soros

So much for Trump being a populist reformer. If he follows through on the stated goal to prosecute Assange, he is toast with the diehard Q-Anon people who are his base.

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