5 Strange things about the moon (Thank you for your support on D.Tube and Steemit!)

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I go into some strange things and highly speculative things about the moon. Thanks to everyone on D.Tube, Steemit, that have been supporting my channels!

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Another good one, Brother!
David Icke says it's a spaceship from the
Greys, watching/observing us...?!
From ancient stories i heard that Mother Earths
original Moon was "hijacked" / "stolen" to put
this ting there...
As a zodiac Cancer, i would love to see my original
ruling planet.
Resteemed 4 sure ;)
Your accent is Entertainment by itself :)

Yeah, i remember watching a video with David Icke in that. Its a pretty out there theory alright. Thanks for the resteem :)

You're welcome ;)
Yeah..? Then why the "Alarm" that was ringing for one hour & heard by more sources... when they was "shooting" or "throwing" something at it...
Would make sense, that a spacecraft has its normal defense/alarm system..
Anyway, you also proofed with the density, that that thing up there has prob. nothing
to do with Mother Earth.

The moon is made of real tinfoil.

so true lol, as is the world itself

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Great post!

As far as I know the moon controls the tides. This is because it effects the gravity on the Earth.
i.e. The gravity of the moon tends to cancel the Earth's gravity to a small degree on the side of the Earth that's facing the moon. So the moon tends to pull the oceans towards it thus causing the tides.
If this is the case it would mean the everything else on Earth that's closer to the moon would experience less gravity and effectively become lighter. This could be easily what effects peoples brains and cause some to go crazy.

I've always thought that the moon was most likely formed at around the time when the Earth and other planets were formed. Not too long after the Sun was formed.

Since all gas particles have gravity ( a natural attraction to other particles and/or groups of particles i.e. objects)all gas clouds in space tend to collapse as their particles come together due to attraction. This causes them to heat up due to compression because the heat they contained while spread out now becomes concentrated into a much smaller area. And though the quantity of heat remains the same the temperature must rise for that same amount of heat to occupy the much smaller space.
When the temperature rises high enough the gas atoms begin to fuse together(atomic fusion) the gas ball lights up and becomes a star(the Sun).

However, this only happens at the most concentrated part of the cloud and once the fusion begins it starts to radiate energy and particles which slows down or stops the remaining incoming particles which tend to go into orbit around it, forming thick bands or shells of gas around it.

After some time these orbiting gases(which are now mixed with particles from the Sun) tend to collapse and in a similar way to the formation of the Sun and form planets which tend to be very hot and radiate particles, causing the remaining gases to go into orbit around them.
These gases are much thinner and tend to slowly coagulate over time to form moons.
Since the moons are formed in a much slower gentler (by gradual coagulation rather than rapid violent collapse)way they tend to be less dense and cooler than planets.

In the meantime the planets cool down and form crusts of material on their surfaces but tend to remain red hot at their cores, and tend to remain that way for a very long time since the heat is now sealed in by their material crusts.

That's my hypothesis anyway. I don't know if this is a generally accepted theory or not.

Crrow777 has a bunch of weird moon stuff

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