Russia Massive Cryptocurrency Restrictions! NO Mining and CAN’T Use Crypto As Payment!

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Russia is beginning to enforce some very serious crypto-related restrictions which has surprised many in this space. Russia is actively attempting to prevent control Russian people’s investment into crypto assets. Who knows how far they will go in 2018.


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Sources Used in This Video:

Russia looks to crypto-currencies to evade EU sanctions
Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Crypto Mining, Payments, and Token Sales - Bitcoin News

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I believe it's just the start of major restrictions worldwide. Personally I don't see why cryptocurrencies need to be restricted while gambling and spreadbetting platforms are more or less unrestricted.

Agreed. It's because they don't want competing currencies. That's the truth.

Nice. The law of rules, not the rule of law.


may be i reasteam your post

Sure. Please do.

as with anything. in comes the regulators. But there is no stopping crypto. Good post. :0)

For sure. They can't stop it. But they can make people's lives more difficult to try and stop it from becoming mainstream.

When ya poke a gigantic starving bear with a stick. What else would we expect. :)

lol, ouch.

Mid 2018:

Person: How'd you make all that money?
Guy: I use Monero.
Person: That criminal drug terrrorist tax-evasion money? I'm calling the cops.

  • Guy gets audited, they find his wallet, arrest him for 5-10 years -

Why does this seem like a realistic outcome and the #1 block to mainstream adoption?

There's no way to find a Monero wallet in the blockchain even if you're the owner (As far as I'm aware). Unless you've written down your key somewhere and they find it.

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Sadly I think we will start seeing this in more and more countries. There will be many efforts to hold this movement down, but ultimately the cryptos will prevail!

For sure. I suppose 2018 will be the year of government crackdown and regulations. Should be interesting.

They will end up failing, no one goes against cryptocurrency and wins. Remember when Japan was critisizing bitcoin a few years back. Now it has been widely accepted in the country. I actually touched base on it in a recent post of mine-

My opinion is that they don't want competition so they're trying to fight it. It can't be stopped though.