DAY ONE IN PRAGUE | d-Vlog 002

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

This was our first full day in Prague so we decided to get out and explore the city!

We walked all around the Old Town and then went on a river cruise with Active Czech.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of it through my eyes.

Thanks again for watching,

P.s. Prague is an incredibly beautiful city, so I also want to share a few photos from the day:





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I really enjoyed that video, especially the scenes with the John Lennon wall and pub, and the music selection was perfect.

Also, a pint of Pilsner Urquell would go great with that goulash.

Really appreciate it!
haha we just stumbled on the John Lennon wall so didn't really know what to say..

Wow excellent trip that you still enjoy. That fate has always struck me.

Greetings from Venezuela, I hope we continue reading

Loved Prague, lots to see!

It really sucks that you won't be there when I go!! Would be awesome to be guided by someone who knows.

Yeah man hopefully see you somewhere else though!
Top tips = eat food, drink beer.

Our Laptop broke down and was beyond repair, I know the feeling... Also lol at your reaction to the John Lennon wall :P

Yeah an unfortunate start to this year but happens to all of us at some point!

haha definite highlight of Prague.. ;)

Awesome video! :)

I've been to Prague about 35 years ago lots of things must have changed there since but it's beauty remains the same.

Thats amazing and perfectly put
I would love to see some of the differences by going back there in 35 years..

Technical problems like that really suck and are super annoying. :D Prague looks great.

Yes mate annoying as hell but all part of it I guess

True. Actually today i was talking about that in my video ehehehe. But i have seen you guys have been handling like bosses eheheheh ❤

wow you really captured the Prague energy)) good job!

Great! I love Prague. I hope that you enjoyed all day. I´m a new Steemian from Czech Republic. Did you try our beer? :)

Yes pal, loved the beer! Tried the 'milk 'pour too

I’m missing the real czech beer!

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