Bye Bye Bali & Hello Philippines! | Vlog 29

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After one month in Bali it's now time to start sharing all the adventures we're going to have in the Philippines.

I wanted to show you all the little parts of Bali that I didn't get the chance to put into full videos.

It was an awesome place to live and work for a month, but now it's time to kick on and move on with the Philippines content.

First up it will be one week in Manila before beginning the Giveback Giveaway, which I need to thank you for massively!

The support on the last video means that we will now be able to donate even more to the local community, which is mind-blowing.

Thanks again and here's to the future,

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Looking forward to your travels. Good video mate.

Wow! Philippines huh. I will be looking forward to your posts about our country. I hope you will love it here (I have a strong feeling you will) the same way we do :)

I really do! and we're going to some awesome places over the next 4 weeks - Palawan, Coron, Cebu & Siquijor :)

Wow that's great to hear! Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls in Cebu? Only been to Cebu among all these four places so I can't wait for your blog! No Bohol and Mountain Province for you?

Been to Bohol before but not this time! We'll definitely be doing Kawasan falls though :)

Can't wait for Giveback Giveaway to start! I hope you you got some more donations for it :)

Me too mate! The huge upvote from DTube yesterday definitely helped :D

You have really cool music in your Videos. It' real fun to watch them. Love Bali...

Thanks man! The first song was from an artist called Ehrling on Soundcloud & another song from

Thx, found the song on soundcloud. Listen to it the 100s time :-). Many 100% Upvotes coming for you soon. Thank you for the good vibes

They'll be each day from now on!