Beat the Heat!!!

in dtube •  5 months ago

I don't know about ya'll, but it's HOTTTT!!! Today we needed to take a break to beat the heat! Even the farmer was overheated and had a splash with us! The kids got some good air with their daddy!

Thanks for watching!

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Yeeh I'm ready 😉 it's hot🔥 as your post @thefarmerswife

Great way to cool down!

You guys know how to have fun!


Walmart pool for the win!! 😂

I was really hoping we were going to see the farmer throw you up into the pool :)


Hahahaha! Now that would have been funny! Lol

cooled me off just watching!

hey ya'll are givin rednecks a bad name! rednecks swim in the pond. pools are for city slickers! lol.
I remember the KY summers, the humidity is bad.
God bless you all!


Or swim in the a creek pronounced crik?


lol! exactly @liquifire! very good thanks


We're still redneck...we got the pool at I hate that place!


man I love Walmart, feels like home! lol.
you did see my post about the people at Walmart didn't you?
just in case, it's guaranteed to make you laugh:
the other day Mrs. J and I saw some people that made us laugh so hard we couldn't stop. it's cheap entertainment!
why don't you like it there, it's too sophisticated? lol

It's blazing here in the northwest IL suburbs. 9PM and 90 degrees. Makes it hard to breathe.


I'm from central IL. I get ya!

This is fun. Thank you for making it look cool. Following you from now on hoping to watch amazing content :)


Welcome. Keep Sharing

Woohoo! Love that slow motion! Looks like great fun on some blistering hot summer days!


Lots of fun!

Great to have fun right? Keep enjoying it.

Wow alsotoo hot weather ,but no one here ready for chilling with me lolz.

Keep enjoying


please follow me back .....keep supporting us

@angrytwin my #sister has an above ground #pool and we have a blast in it - staying in till the sun goes down.......

beat the heat with family. take care and enjoy yourself

Extremely hot, and it's only gonna get hotter

awesome place... where do you live?

it's great idea to beat the heat and u r not beating heat u r killing heat..............

God knows I wouldn't mind having a pool myself.

Oh wait. I couldn't swim right now anyway. Goddamnit..

@Do not want to have fun in the hot day, if you get such a beat, you can enjoy it with the whole family

Good idea to beat the heat at a pool with family ,i really like u r choice.plse vote & support me also

beat the heat .with swimming. good .