Interview of a future dtube star

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My last Friday was again a reminder of why I am on steemit - the amazing humans, the community. I always wanted to learn how to edit videos and when @adetorrent said we should do a vlog together I accepted even though I am not in a loving relationship with me on the screen. I knew that he is pretty good with this and I use it as an opportunity to learn.

Well, to be honest, I had so much fun that now for the first time since I am uploading videos on this platform I was able to look at the video and not consider it such a disgrace. I even like it, but dont tell anyone. I am not a native English speaker and when I am nervous I babble and dont find the words. In real life, I am never as bad as I am when I am trying to shoot a video. But because of my nervosity, I am mostly frozen and I dont remember any of the fancy words I know, so I am doomed to use the plain easy and basic version of this kind and beautiful language. Nevertheless, on Friday maybe I did unlock a key to not giving that much of a shit :))

So the interview was shot at my workplace (WeWork London Fields) and thanks on this way for the empty space we had on Friday at our complete discretion. Also I had no idea about the questions I was going to answer, but @adetorrent is such a wonderful human being he helped me to go out a bit from my terror. His aim is to bring Dtube among the first positions in the state of dapps and if by any chance you dont know about him or his project please follow him and found out.


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This was so much fun. You can probably create another video just of you laughing :)

Or with the faces I have when I stop the video :))

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Awesome!! @teodora is one of the first close friends I made through Steem. When I first met her, she was so full of awesome stories, which I also wanted to try and capture through interviewing her. We had a "Candid Conversation" video, which was fun, but definitely showed my lack of experience in making videos, so @adetorrent, you definitely did her more justice. The lighting is great, and I like the edits. Is this just a sneak peek or is there more to the interview??

She's more natural on camera than she thinks. Future DTube star for sure :)

Yup she looked great in this! You must have also done an amazing job of keeping her feeling comfortable though :)

Nope that all folks :)) The rest was fun

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Maybe another one next time then ehhh ;)

Nice top meet you! where are the details to the next Steemfest I'd love to go I always find out to late and don't have time to organise of get leave 💯🐒

Just keep up with the news around here. Usually is in November, place is not known in advance. Also you can check now and then

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Thanks! yer it's normally around my birthday Maybe I should just book that week off now and hope for the best. hope to see you there 💯🐒

It's a very nice interview I can say and Morpheus as the interviewer have done a good job :-)

wow, nice seeing steemians connect. i follow adetorrent so i know he is big on vlogging. nice interview. well i wish the next steemfest is in Nigeria.