Surprise gift from @suesa! Live unboxing with morning hair

in dtube •  3 months ago

Turned out I had an unexpected package at the post office waiting for me! I am always anxious about surprises, but when I found out it was from my beloved @suesa I was super excited. So @poet hurried to the post office while I talked work with my team and got me this package. Curious to see what I got? Watch me with morning hair and pajamas struggling with a plastic bag to discover something few will understand.

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I ordered it in M, but apparently their sizing system is fucked up ._.

Happy to see that you enjoy it anyway! xD



After we stopped filming I looked at the size and origin. Why origin? Because it's made in Haiti. So their medium is China's XXL. Good to know! Thank you again for making my day. I love you SO FUCKING MUCH!!!

I don't remember the last time I had a package to

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