Why is no whale following DTubes curation trail? // Exclusive DTube Video 276

in dtube •  22 days ago

Todays video asks the question why only one whale has joined DTubes curation trail. I'm not saying this has to be done automatically, by the way, but I am saying that we need support in these bear-market times. Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below!

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I'll be honest. Much of Dtube Curation trail SEEMS to me at least to be political. The reason I say this is I see people with Videos that offer absolutely no value or zero originality or zero Entertainment and they are getting big payouts...over and over again. Just rewarding Posts that talk about silly, rehashed material over and over i.e."why it's important to be Honest" i.e. "You can do anything you set your Mind" etc..etc..

( Btw, you're definitely not one of these. You produce top notch Content and you're on my manual Trail )

I think many Whales see this so refuse to join Dtube's trail.

I personally develop, create , and implement my own manual trails. I do not believe in Following anyone else's especially Dtube. Just to be totally frank

@stackin is 100% right!

People with high voting power see Steem as an investment... and they get a better return on investment (ROI) by selling their votes to bidbots or the smartmarket. Ironically, the decreases the value of their investment because it means quality content doesn't get upvoted, which means, quality creators don't bother, which means consumers don't come to Steem because the quality isn't there. Selling to bidbots is a classic short-term gain, long-term pain play.

The other reason is that for maximizing curation, you want to get in before a big vote, not after it. I think that's why Kpine predominately followed people consistently getting the dtube upvote.

Selling to bidbots is a classic short-term gain, long-term pain play.

I'm not sure I agree here:

Bid-bots became popular on Steemit because the curation incentive structure was very flawed. As a result, nobody with any amount of voting power would spend countless hours finding and curating the quality authors. People have better things to do in their lives than spend 5-6 hours per day on Steemit trying to time their votes on posts they liked so they can earn off curation. Nobody is going to do that!!

The bots filled a gaping hole in Steemit, and in the process crated sustained ROI and demand for the Steem token.


I totally get what you're saying... but if time was purely the issue, then people would follow the Dtube and Curie curation trails and effectively delegate their voting power to others.

Instead of supporting quality content with lifts the whole platform, they're selling their voting power to the highest bidder in order to earn liquid Steem.

I personally think that everyone who cares about the platform should either manually curate the type of content they want the platform to excel at, or autovote the curation trails of people/communities who curate the type of content they like.

Bid-bots (with the exception of @ocdb) are only good for making their owners money.

Dtube needs to tokenize their platform. Even with no SMT they can make internal point system, similar like Partiko, for users to earn tokens, and delgators as well.

Tokens can be revoked for votes, or have daily votes according to the token stake of the user.

This will push the platform both, on user and investor side.


I wasn't even aware Partiko is doing this so thanks for pointing it out to me!

I saw you are getting the whale for us now? ^^


Well I have been trying to do just that for a long time behind the scenes but it seems going public is helping lol

It's the question that I had always in my mind. It's even clear that upvoting dtube's video profitable and most dtubers are good original content creators. It's really so strange that a few whales support dtube. They can at least follow the trail with any amout they can to support more creators. Or at least to choose dtubers to upvote. And not only dtube, it will be good if they follow the trail of any goid app built on steem, it will make all steem community even better and people will not leave steem like a lot are doing now.Even with the recent price of steem all steemians can earn well if they do so.I hope your message will be heard that's why I resteemed this. Thanks for such video. :)


Thanks for your input again clix! :)

Because they just sell it to bots and circle jerk each other haha :)


Stake size, does not a meritocracy, make...unfortunately.


haha well let met see if I can find a way to change that lol

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whales are hibernating


Seems like it sometimes :S

For the same reason why hunger in the world does not end, even if there are enough resources.

I believe people still do not understand what makes this system working. They lost hope to be honest