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It’s time to look at the top ten DTubers for June! It is fair to say that Dtubes latest updates certainly changed the curation system and it is definitely visible! If you haven’t read the update post, read it here: https://steem.ly/DTubeUpdate

The new curation system is resulting in a completely new top ten, with far more than ten content creators as many of them have the exact same voting percentages! If you want to know how I come up with these percentages, watch the video above!

Let’s now take a look at the top ten DTubers in the world for June 2018:

Ten: ?
Nine: ?
Eight: @joythewanderer @travellit @acromott @cgbartow @pedromrmourato @toddjsmith1979 @dontstopmenow @bobaphet @adventuroussoul @dronemania @humanearl @veganroma @art.life 0.6%
Seven: @freedompoint @art.visuals @steemtogether @acidyo 0.7%
Six: @to7 @starkemmy @clixmoney @chrismartinez @kenmelendez @jordanpike @anne-c @jumpmaster @illuminationst8 @tanbay @gatis-photo 0.8%
Five: @nanonarcagent @harshilpatel @bowentroyer @thelifeofjord @phoneinf @sugandhaseth @oliviadejeu @jeronimorubio @jist @bethwheatcraft 0.9%
Four: @coruscate @kevinli @alphasteem @waybeyondpadthai @captainbob @zainenn @neopch @dnews @melissakellie 1%
Three: @thefarmerswife 1.1%
Two: @sergiomendes 1.2%
One: @reseller 1.4%

If you're new to my DTube channel check out my introduction video with 24 interesting facts about me here: https://d.tube/#!/v/tanbay/ppmrx4eo My fiancé @lauracody and myself are Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers known as 'Travelling Weasels'.

Music credit: Special thanks to @myndnow for providing amazing background music! Make sure to check him out!

I am offering my services FREE via Steemgigs:

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Followed you because i like your post




You're welcome

Congratulations to everyone in the top 10! And congrats to you my love for being in the top 10 again xxx


Thanks babe :) <3

Thanks for sharing man, didn't know we could look this up! Appreciate it fellow sixth-placer!


Thanks for watching!

Thank you for the shoutout @tanbay Good stuff.


Thanks for watching again!

Congratulations to everyone that is part of this list. @dontstopmenow have actually told me about it and I almost wanted to cry because I was so happy. :) eheheh I will keep trying my best to prove that I deserve the support. But it means a lot to me all the support. :)
And yeah. I remember when You were a "baby" in here and nor very convinced yet with the community just creating 1 original video per week eheheh look how grown up You are right now. You even grown a beard eheheheh ;)
Once again thank you all everyone. ❤


You deserve it Sergio! Well done! :)


Well you know i just try my best all the time. Eheehh

nice sharing loved it keep on sharing.


Thank you