Pewdiepie is MISINFORMED about DLIVE!!! // Exclusive DTube video 296

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In my last video, published 3 days ago at the time of writing this, I talked about how Pewdiepie (the biggest single YouTuber in the world) is fed up with YouTube and basically begging for alternative video platforms. So I suggested he should join @dtube. Little did I know I was actually RIGHT and he actually joined a blockchain based site, the problem is it's THE WRONG ONE! Please don't misunderstand; Overall I think this is still good news for blockchain technology and crypto, but Pewdiepie has got the wrong idea about Dlive and here is why:

The above post by @meno is a response to this:

I talk about this in detail in the exclusive DTube video above. Special thanks to @edwinbeutti @blind-spot @adetorrent @g4fun @thecastle and @geekoverdose!

Tweet that I mentioned in the video:

Watch my previous video about Pewdiepie here:

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Does D.Tube provide streaming?

They used to actually, now there is on the steem blockchain (:

To my knowledge no 🤔

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What the F, who would've known that Pewds will come here.

He's not, he's going to DLive, and they left Steem last year.

It's still connected to Steem currency so it's fine.

Nah, they promote their own token called Lino, which isn't even a crypto currency yet.

Whaaat, don't tell me it's their own new blockchain.
It is kinda interesting for crypto, not sure if it helps steem though.


Really? I can't find that option anywhere. I know they did a year ago, but it was a bit crappy. Then sometime after DLive had left, they no longer seemed to have streaming anymore.

I perfectly understand why he wouldn't use because this site functions so poorly as it is. However many problems he may have on YouTube, it still is working more than fine for him and he wouldn't have anything to gain by joining for the purpose of posting videos, especially since he is currently benefiting so much from the battle for #1 spot on YouTube. He does, however, have much to gain when switching live streaming platforms, or at the very least, nothing to lose. And when it comes to dlive, the only other competitor for live streaming utilizing a blockchain is vimm, and dlive is the bigger platform by far.

I saw in a mainstream news piece that DLive claimed to have 3 million users. I personally think that is a straight up lie. If you look on the alexa traffic rating system Dlive is ranked many, many places below, for example, but has less than 100,000 active participants.

You're delusional if you don't think Dtube is immune to copyright. If push comes to shove Dtube can shadow ban videos if nothing else and if there is some technical reason they can't copyright holders will take over the site and make it so no one can see any of the videos. Sure, offending videos might be able to be accessed because it is decentralized but it would only be a matter of time before they'll start hunting down the people that are hosting the videos.

Beyond that I really think the only way a live streaming service can work is if it has a good donation system. Steem is nice and all but if they set up a system for other crypto currencies or maybe even found a way to incorporate paypal I think it would be a good competitor to Youtube and Twitch. Other live streaming services don't have a good donation system setup.

Yea well, DTube can probably decide not showing some videos, but since the videos are stored on the IPFS, and linked directly through the posts themselves, anyone who can use any other Steem service or access the blockchain raw, can still watch the videos in question.

As for more donation options @vimm has them! You can support creators with most major cryptos and they have been testing support for PayPal too.

I sure would love it if @steemit set up a system for other cyptos!

It's amazing news. I'm curious to see how the Tech Giants and the media will react. I'm very happy to hear this news and I'm curious if he'll be uploading to Dtube.

The thing with Dtube... It has no ad revenue the money just come from steem which again... No revenue other then people that buy it and sell it. Until these Dapps like Dtube start putting ads and making some form of income for their content creators outside of what people buy to donate it will constantly be a hole where funds just get sucked out of the value of steem on the daily.

I submitted this to Reddit, please upvote it if you are on there:

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 19.54.19.png

it's awesome that you've been trying to get him on dtube, and as far as whether he should be on there or youtube, why couldn't he do both? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

More than likely the reason he is there is that D-Live paid him a bunch of promotional money upfront.

Very likely, it would be nice if Steem would have such high ambitions and a team to contact social media influencers

wawo your video is very nice
i am big fan of you

Awesome thanks for watching!

You could always tell him that Russia Today just signed up and is posting on steemit as well as that has all of the links for you to get onto dtube.

It's just a matter of time until that 10000 monkey finally signs up on this website

Big news for blockchain, no doubt. We all need to politely tell him about steem while he is streaming. Cant seem to get your video to play right now I'll watch it later

I heard people talking about PewDiePie moving to D.Tube so I checked it out and realised it was actually D.Live which is such a shame but I'm sure he'll come over sooner rather than later. At least it's got people talking about alternatives to YouTube and looking at blockchain based solutions!

Let's hope he does :P

Oh wow thanks for mentioning me

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Thanks for watching!


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I signed on to DLIVE, and its a very nice streaming service. I do enjoy the tests you can open for being active on the streams and anything built on the blockchain works for me!

Dlive IMO is better than twitch. I do enjoy the chests that pay the user for watching and being active in chats.

Twitch unfortunately removed the option to donate with crypto :S

to be fair I don’t even know if can handle that sort of traffic yet...

Yeah I agree it is one thing to go like a company and contact a big YouTuber but for a big YouTuber to move from YouTube to DTube over a comment he did read is another thing completly. He did not read in the comment sections about DLive and decided to go live there just because of that. That was my point. I still do think that Pewds sharing awarness about alternative social media platforms is good and a step in a bright future

Thanks for your video. I think its really interesting that you have put so much effort into trying to on-board this one particular person. I do think its odd you've honed in on just one as opposed to a few which may have made your job easier and given better odds but hats off. I Found your note about @Onelovedtube particularly useful as I am new to STEEM and DTube and had not yet realised that videos are only published temporarily. I will have a look at their product offering. Thanks-

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