EXCLUSIVE DTUBE VIDEO 195: Vote for the Steem Fest creator as a Witness!

in dtube •  2 months ago

I recently talked to @roelandp online and I noticed that I didn't vote for him as a witness yet and I thought since he is the creator of Steem Fest, it would make sense to vote for him! Find out more about Steem Fest here: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@roelandp/steemfest-updates-visit-to-krakow-sponsor-in-the-spotlight-scorum-new-names-added

Note: I am not affiliated with Steem Fest and this is not a sponsored post. My fiancé @lauracody and myself are Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers known as 'Travelling Weasels'.

Music credit: Special thanks to @myndnow for providing amazing background music! Make sure to check him out!

I am offering my services FREE via Steemgigs:

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You better take me with you to Steemfest :P xxx


:O of course my love!! <3

One question brother how dtube is good


It's very good :)

I do think he is amazing and he have done so much for the community. He have my vote as a witness for a while already. But that is a good reminder :)


Well done Sergio! :)


Well done to You too eheheh ;)