Ep 11: Finding the hidden gems in the Snowden files #DecipherYou

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Below is a timestamped version of Episode 11 of Decipher You! Enjoy!

Hey there!

If you've been following this series, episode 11 features Elizabeth Lea Vos from Disobedient Media co-hosting alongside me.

As I mentioned before, DecipherYou is a budding OSINT research community that has been forming around the two of us as we've embarked upon an amazing journey to analyse all of the publicly available Snowden files. The files are periodically released in bulk by The Intercept and we have made dozens of unique findings from our study of them, that is of astonishing historical significance.

I will put a viewing guide below for the episode, so that you can see what documents/topics are discussed in it, and jump back and forward to the relevant timestamps if you wish.

I really love feedback from you guys so please let me know what you think. I also massively appreciate any help you can give me in letting people know that this work exists, and is here for them, especially within the Steemit community.

Thanks so, so much for your interest to date.



0:00 Getting Started

7:18 China's Future Strategic Missile Force

7:46 Final Chapter

9:05 The 9/11 Commission Report

9:11 Farewell from the S2 Technical Director

12:22 Baghdad: Perceptions & Fact "Come on over it's not so bad! You may even end up driving a tank!"

21:48 Analysis & Production Executive Leadership Team Sums Up Challenges

30:47 Mission Assurance Facility Phase 2 Completed About disaster recovery planning, which I contrast with the apparent lack of defensive measures to prevent disaster.

45:28 China's Changing Role in the World

56:06 CRM Technology Pilot Receives Positive Feedback

1:00:04 TalkNSA Discussion about the realities of executive accessibility inside the NSA.

1:10:50 SID/Assistant Deputy Director for Data Acquisition This document prompted a wide ranging discussion engaging with those in Chat.

1:32:21 Overview of the Intelligence Community's Warning Systems

1:32:52 CIA's Directorates... Understanding More About Them

1:47:00 OPSEC for SID Personnel

1:51:27 Denver Security Operations Center

1:55:24 SIGINT Development Conference 2004 Wrap-Up

1:57:19 SINIO Summer Seminar: NIPF

1:58:15 Ask Raul: Fonts and Encoding

2:00:25 CRASH Team

2:07:09 The Washington Liaison Office: Who Are Those Guys?

2:11:00 Getting Leads: GEO Mining

2:35:07 Discussion

2:36:17 Adventures in Analysis

2:40:54 Q: "Has the CIA ever contacted you?" Many may find my answer interesting.

By Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

Official Website: Suzi3d.com

Journalists who write truth pay a high price to do so. If you respect and value this work, please consider supporting Suzie’s efforts via credit card or Bitcoin donation at this link. Thank you!

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Thank you, Suzie, for this valuable work! No one else is doing it.


Thank you Lee!! Someone said to me "it's not glamorous but it's important", I think they're spot on. And making journalistic processes completely transparent via video streaming seems to be a 1st so others have told me "this changes everything" - not only do you see the end products of what journalists write but you get to see the findings that led to the conclusions and the discussions as well. I love it :)


I totally agree with the "it's not glamorous" reference but it truly is vital work!

I have a question about the Snowden files, I've heard people say that only 2% of the files have been released by Greenwald and the Intercept.
What's your take on this?
Is there still a mountain of NSA data that's being held back?
I figure if anyone knows, you might be the one to ask.
Steem on!


My biggest problem with that argument is that it comes from people who claim to care about the documents being released but haven't actually studied them, couldn't tell you how many documents have been released, couldn't tell you the process under which they're being released and when, etc etc, but simply regurgitate the talking point because they've heard so many others say it.

(This is probably worth a post in and of itself but here we go anyway)

The original files were HTML with images stripped out and all the internal links broken (because they came from the NSA's intranet)

They weren't publishable or easily searchable, they had to be handled one by one and converted to static PDF files. While journalists have cherry picked single documents that they deem to be important and reported on them in the public interest, the reality is that it has taken time and resources to prep the batches for release.

Each batch has 250-300 files, 5 have been released so far, they appear in chronological order, and what is inside them is completely phenomenal but largely completely ignored BOTH by media AND by critics of the way The Intercept chose to release the files. It seems that the argument about whether they did the right or wrong thing is more important to people than actually finding out what is inside the files they are arguing about. :(

Provided that The Intercept keep prepping and releasing the batches of documents, I'm giving them a pass, and in fact I can't wait to see the documents lead cohesively up to 2013 (we are currently at 2005-2006, the first documents having started post 9/11). It's a fascinating process and I'm grateful for the work that has been done to get so many files out to the public for scrutiny, even if most of the public hasn't seized the chance to perform that scrutiny! (Which is what #DecipherYou is all about - trying to help do it for them, and stir up interest in what is really in these files!!)

I am super stoked you guys do this. It's a grind, but it's how to actually benefit from the sacrifices that brought us this information, and enable that information to prevent the catastrophic harm the perps intend to cause us.


Thank you Suzie for another guide, these are perfect for following while watching ;)

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I am not a robot! But that's right readers might be interested to watch the other episodes:


Lol spot on! 100% up vote for your initiative!!!!

Wel Thank you for the post.

Good post thanks for sharing it