'Some More Things' That Will Enhance Your Steemit Journey & Stir Success On Steem & Real Life.

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Should 'whale or minnow' influence your behavior towards a steemit user or should you be 'whale' inside?

The answer to above question, will drastically enhance your overall steem experience. Steem has a 'real life' paradigm and interacting with it as if it was 'real life' is where many answers lie, when it comes on steem success.

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@surpassinggoogle, What we are seeing may not be the truth same way, we have to treat the Steem Economy as Life because, in life also we don't know who is experiencing what and we should not over react towards anyone. And everyone is holding the equal voice and that's why we are here developing the Decentralised Economy. Thank you so much for bringing this subject up brother. Stay blessed and blessings of light is with you. 🙂

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Useful tips for success in steemit thank you

Everyone will hope like this, Steem has started to improve in the last few days.
Have a nice day @surpassinggoogle

Great tips. Whenever I am in steemit, I believe I am living another life and I am trying to be more determined whatever I may passed through along the life in steemit. I guess this thinking has helped me a

I think getting response for these questions will surely improve your journey here in this milestone. Thanks sir @surpassinggoogle.

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