▶️Dtube: Little Nazaré || Big Winter Waves Hitting Canary's Coast [video proof]

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If you had been wondering why I did't publish any surf videos lately, here's the answer!

I love being alive, so during the heavy winter swells I prefer to stand at the coast and witness the Ocean's force from the outside. Safety first! :-)

What's currently taking place at Lanzarote's coast is #islandlife at its best: rough and ruthless.

Nature is full of infinite causes that have never ocurred in experience. - Leonardo da Vinci

Maybe we're lucky not needing to experience all of these causes by ourselves. When witnessing Mother Ocean on a stormy winter day, you may wish to not exactly know what this natural power is actually able to move.

Today's morning a group of at least fifty people was standing at the marina watching the impressive Ocean Show. Huge waves - grumbling like big blue monsters - were approaching the coast at high speed, one after another crashing against the mounted rocks.

Click on the image above or HERE ▶️ to watch the video proof.

Astonishment and great respect were shown in the audience's eyes.

Even if I've already spent uncountable hours in the water, these scenarios still impress me in a way that is hard to describe with words.

Nature is awesome! It's ever been - long time before we came to discover it.

In boats and on surfboards...

During the past days my board has been safely stored in the garage.

Today the waves that are hitting Lanzarote's Eastern Coast will reach up to 8ft. Winds are blowing strongly with a speed of 35-40mph. When I took the above linked video sequence, I almost couldn't keep standing on my feet.

Only fools would consider paddling out right now.

Once we've got back to normal life, I'll be sharing some new surf experiences with you. Promised! In the meantime: let's just enjoy the beauty of nature.

Stay safe, steemians!
Marly -

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Original content. Video filmed with my modern iPhone 5 :-) Quote found on quotefancy.com.

▶️ DTube

Canary Islands and Tarifa!!! ❤️ 🤟🏽 🏄🏽‍♂️

Oh Tarifa is definitely on my bucket list! I still haven't been there. Have you?

yes!!!! Tarifa in the morning and then Conil in the evening!

That is some fierce ocean there! Wow
I wouldn’t go in there either, but that’s actually never an option as I am as graceful on a surfboard as Donald Trump is in shorts... 😎
Keep it safe girl!

Hahahaha, nice analogy 😄
Still I don't believe you a word. You're a sportsman as you told me during our previous conversations. Everybody who has a minimum of athleticism in their bodies are able to get up on that board (without looking like Mr. President). Promised! :-)

Have a great day!

I play soccer! Those are the laziest among athletes! But maybe You’re right! This summer I’ll give it a try and put in on Dtube. 💪

Ok, tnx, an old classmate of me, went to the Olympics as a rower! He trained two times every single day for like 20 years... He hated Soccerplayers like me, and called us lazy, maybe he was a little preconceived...
But You’re correct, we run more than people think!

Haha, OK if we compared ourselves to professional Olympians, then maybe we'd all be lazybones :-) From that point of view, I'm definitely a lazy surfer as well.

I don't believe they're lazy. Just thinking about the distance they're covering in one single match, running from one corner to the next, makes be believe it's hard to be lazy on a soccer field :-) I played basketball in college and at the university, our playing fields were much small than yours and still I was dead after a training session...

Dtube is always a good idea!

Heavy surf conditions. We have had 8-10 foot surf today and it is middle of summer. I too chose not to surf at the moment, looks to drop down a few foot tomorrow. Safety first :)

Yeah! Surfing in general - and with best conditions - is extreme enough I believe :-)

that's sick! but those waves were awsome! it would be crazy if someone goes and ride those waves.

The place where these images were taken isn't one of the conventional surf spots. I bet that there are people surfing on the other side of the island right now. Maybe it's better to know even know it :-)

Wow amazing video...how can people ride in that waves.

I don't believe that someone has ever surfed a wave at this spot. The beach breaks (without these rocks) are located on the other side of the island - there surfing is much more fun! :-)

Enjoy suffing and safely

owsome post and resteem ☺ it's great pictures i hope i can go on surfing but here have no any sea bad luck 😒

The sea waves look great. Thanks for video.

Surfers like you know what it is to make the sea, must respect it to treat them well, it is as you say security first, good information.

wow post normal life injoy

Oh dear , It's good to see your video here . Overall everything was good. I like it more . Thanks for sharing . @surfermarly

Well after watching that video i can remind a couplet of Famous Urdu Poet Saghir Sadiqui
Translated version

Your eyes are so deepen
My miseries are bigger
But i am happy..
Sea can absorb my pains

Nature is very beautiful thing in itself, always kills the worries of life. Those Noisy waves of the sea you just captured in your camera are true depiction of Happiness and Love.

You always bring something very innovative for the readers. I always love to read your blogs as you promote Life.

Thank you so much for giving us so much @surfermarly

Stay blessed, Steem On!

Very beautiful travel, amazing post. Thanks for sharing

woow beutifull place on earth i like to bodyboard on big waves...

yes friends because every life we ​​have to go well, good luck always my friend @surfermarly me will resteem.

Nice @surfermarly
Visit my post

Little Nazaré! haha very nice. Looks super windy as well!

Hey Heidi! Happy New Year :-) You're right: It's incredibly windy - rather stormy - right now. I know Nazaré is a completely different thing, still today's breaks somehow reminded me of the images from Portugal :-)
Have a great evening over there!

If you’ve got time today or tomorrow (will be the big day) check out the live cams of Naz on surfline.com big swell hitting :)

Thanks for the share. Winter swells are up here too as well! The rumbling of the ocean kept me awake last night. However, like there the wind has been making the waves almost unrideable.

Just got a gopro and am going to take the bodyboard out to make a dtube video or two soon. Mahalo for the inspiration! 🤙

Mantente a salvo siempre por favor , no sabemos cuan embravecida la naturaleza puede estar, siempre hay que respetarla.

i have a dream to do that

Wow! very interesting post and the history.

this is awesome nice video

wonder why you won't go into the water :D

Hola chica! Great shot, the Atlantic definitely packs a punch and ive got friends in the canaries who say it gets the best surf in the Atlantic! Of course its mainly short, sharp and urchin encrusted slabs they surf so i dont think il be taking any of them waves myself in a hurry!

How long are you in Lanzerote for? Im heading back to England and looking at a surftrip in Autumn 2018! Possible steemit meetup?

Not really the best beach to go out with a surf!

wow, that is some rough surf. I can imagine surfing in it. I grew up with calm surf in Florida. In fact, I used to watch Kelly Slater and his brother surf as kids. They were so good and intimidating. I dropped in on the brother one day and that was the end of my surfing career lol. I was the biggest kook on the beach for an entire summer.

Damn, it is a little bit rough out there. I can understand why you are not in a hurry to head out into that. :)

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