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RE: ▶️Dtube: Little Nazaré || Big Winter Waves Hitting Canary's Coast [video proof]

in #dtube3 years ago

That is some fierce ocean there! Wow
I wouldn’t go in there either, but that’s actually never an option as I am as graceful on a surfboard as Donald Trump is in shorts... 😎
Keep it safe girl!


Hahahaha, nice analogy 😄
Still I don't believe you a word. You're a sportsman as you told me during our previous conversations. Everybody who has a minimum of athleticism in their bodies are able to get up on that board (without looking like Mr. President). Promised! :-)

Have a great day!

I play soccer! Those are the laziest among athletes! But maybe You’re right! This summer I’ll give it a try and put in on Dtube. 💪

Ok, tnx, an old classmate of me, went to the Olympics as a rower! He trained two times every single day for like 20 years... He hated Soccerplayers like me, and called us lazy, maybe he was a little preconceived...
But You’re correct, we run more than people think!

Haha, OK if we compared ourselves to professional Olympians, then maybe we'd all be lazybones :-) From that point of view, I'm definitely a lazy surfer as well.

I don't believe they're lazy. Just thinking about the distance they're covering in one single match, running from one corner to the next, makes be believe it's hard to be lazy on a soccer field :-) I played basketball in college and at the university, our playing fields were much small than yours and still I was dead after a training session...

Dtube is always a good idea!

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