Video Announcement: I'm Stoked To Let You Know That I'll Be Speaking & Presenting Steem At The Mallorca Blockchain Days! Here's What I'm Planning To Do On Stage

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The world makes room for passionate people. - Lewis Howes

I'm glad the Mallorca Blockchain Days make room for a passionate steemian.

Blockchain startups, investors and crypto enthusiasts will be listening when I go on stage on the 22nd of March.

It's surely going to be a fantastic experience, and I very much appreciate the given opportunity.

Now being in the spotlight won't actually be my biggest challenge in that context. It'll rather be needing to pack all those steemy business opportunities in only a few charts.

There's so many outstanding products and services being built on top of this blockchain lately, that it'll be hard to select only a few.

Well... challenge accepted!

Finding ways to market Steem is definitely my favorite problem.


Let's do it.

These were the first three words in yesterday's email from the conference team.

My heart skipped a beat.

I was quite late applying as a speaker, since I heard about the Mallorca Blockchain Days for the first time only one month ago. Yet, I'm fortunate and they'll be reserving a little slot for me anyways.

Today it's officially confirmed: I'll be in the line-up with a five minutes long lightning talk.

I'm pretty excited to fill that slot with a passionate speech about my favorite blockchain project: Steem.


Let's enthuse them.

If you've seen my presentation at Steemfest in Lisbon then you know that I like to involve my audience and make them become part of the story.

I'm a marketing person at heart, someone who likes to inspire and spark a flame in others. So my focus will be clearly on selling the product, hence presenting investment opportunities.

Without any doubt @oracle-d, as my favorite business model on the Steem blockchain, will play a major role in my talk.

And that's also why I'm especially excited that Oracle-D's Co-Founder @anarcotech will be with me at the conference - I couldn't have asked for a better sparrings partner, and I'm really looking forward to rock Mallorca with you.

Furthermore I'm planning to talk about the Steem Business Alliance @steem-ba which in my eyes is one of the most promising community initiatives from a business standpoint. There will be lots of entrepreneurs at the conference, so it's the ideal target group to contact then.

Last but not least, I'm simply planning to have a great time on stage - and I really hope many of you will feel inspired to do the same.



Steem is a mechanism that rewards voluntary action. - @starkerz

This is one of the true benefits of a decentralized network. All of you can just voluntarily opt-in on promoting your favorite blockchain project anywhere and at any time.

Imagine the impact if we'd all go on stage to talk about Steem every now and then somewhere in the world.

Let's do this,
Marley -


PS: Steemians get a 30% discount on all ticket categories at the Mallorca Blockchain Days. Find out more about it in this post.

If you wanna share the Youtube version of the video with your friends, then here's the link for you:

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You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:


Aaaawesome, thank you so much for the mention!! :-))


watch this and tell me the result hhh!/v/bylk0691/j4z53hov

greatest! have fun and rock the stage!


Big congrats @roelandp, you're the first Steem user who's holding SURF tokens now (besides the creator) :-)


thank you!


Thank you Roeland!! I'll surely be reminded of my premiere at Steemfest then :-)

Gucci af! As the kids would say.

Shill it to to the moon Marley :hangloose:


Hahaha 🤙

I'm sure it will be a huge success. I saw you mentioned @starkerz as I've just come across him as the brains behind which I just used for the first time.
He mentioned in a comment on my post he was aiming to get mass signups ready for people at exhibitions and conferences etc but didn't mention a time scale.
As you know him, tell him he has precisely 10days ;-)
Best wishes to you and lovely to see your sabbatical you said you were taking at the end of last year was the shittest excuse for a sabbatical I've ever seen ;-)


Hahaha, I have really missed your comments on my posts Nathan!! You just always kill it :-D

I'll let Matt @starkerz know that he has 5 days. He's a young man and there's no reason to not push him like that :-)

Thanks for stopping by and putthing another big smile on my face! I wish we'd meet at one of those conferences one day, I'm pretty sure you're a cool person to hang with.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Looking forward to joining you there @surfermarley.

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Me, too!! :-)

Amazing!!! Rock the house!


Hehe, will do so :-) Thank you @knircky!!! 😘😘😘

I'm sure you will do a great presentation and will bring more people to Steem. We are building some momentum now with a healthy Steem price that should help. Have fun


Thanks a lot for the encouragement, Steve!

You're right - there's a lot of great things going on right now, and the increasing Steem price may be the well deserved result. Let's keep pushing! :)

Amazing news , have a wonderful time! I can imagine how excited you are to talk about this wonderful blockchain that is steem. Real happy for you . And thank you for what you are about to accomplish😬✨

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Thanks a lot for the encouragement and support @dmilliz! I couldn't be happier either :-)

I couldn’t think of better Ambassadors for the chain: wish you all the best....

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Thanks for the encouragement, Chris! :)
I really can't wait to go there.

That's all really great to hear. Don't forget the games popping up on STEEM. I'm loving them and where else do can you get paid to play? CryptoKitties isn't even a game yet.

Best of Luck!


Thank you, great adding! I'll definitely mention the stateofdapps and that will include games :-)



Findings ways to market Steem is my favourite problem

I'm loving this quote🤩

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Hehe, thanks! You can use it whenever you want - doesn't come with a copyright :)

Steem on 🤙

it's Great!! well done.

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a good job that you do, I think this is a progress in steem and making steemit more and more visited

good.., muy bueno

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watch this and tell me the result hhh!/v/bylk0691/j4z53hov

Muy interesante esta información, saludos, por alli te deje mi voto. Exito y bendiciones, te invito a mi blog para que disfrutes de mi trabajo.

Good luck, successes and blessings for you, before and after the big event