The Deal: Steemians Get 30% Discount on All Tickets For the Mallorca Blockchain Days - Meet Me There!

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Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. So go out and start creating.

One of the things I like best about the crypto scene is that there seems to be an insatiable effort towards networks and meetups all over the world.

You could basically travel to one event after another throughout the whole year. Wouldn't that be a real dream job?

A couple of days ago I found out that soon one of these conferences will take place on the Balearic Islands:

The Mallorca Blockchain Days - from 22nd to 24th of March 2019.

We bring those at the forefront of blockchain technologies together. -


Meeting like-minded people from the blockchain space on one of the most beautiful European islands - whatelse could one ask for?

Guess who booked her flights to Mallorca the very same day.

Now as many of you know, crypto conferences are even more fun if you have the opportunity to meet some of your steemian buddies there.

This is why I kindly invite you to:

Join me at the Mallorca Blockchain Days!


We can provide you with a discount for your audience.

That's what the organizers of the conference told me.


Once more, we'll appreciate the great benefits of being steemians.

With the promotion code surfermarly you'll get a 30% discount on all ticket categories of the conference.

On the official website you'll furthermore find all the relevant information about the conference, such as a list of the confirmed speakers, the agenda and venues:


See you soon!

Marley -

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I'm missing out on all these events in Europe! :(

Yeah, it seems like you do. You may consider marrying a stewardess and getting discounts on all your flights around the world. Not sure if that word is still politically correct, I think today they're called flight attendants :-D

That's a pretty good idea. I should marry a political correct flight attendance! :D


I'm here for 18 months and nothing, and then two weeks after I leave there is a blockchain conference! pah!

Enjoy Palma and the event :D

Haha, I told ya to stay!! What could be more important than meeting your favourite surfer? :-D

Unless my favorite surfer is paying for my existence, I had no option :)

I will be back to Mallorca I'm sure, and the week later there will be a conference en Valenica! :P

Ouuh, that'd be next level. I'll think about it :-D

Hahaha, c'mon don't be like that. It was just bad luck - but it doesn't have to be like that all the time. Let's organize an event in Valencia by ourselves. Ha! :-)


Alright then!

Is the dtube conference on a weekend? what's the dates again sorry? :)

Yeah, partly. It's going to be from 17th to 19th of May being the 17th a Friday. I'll arrive on Thursday in the early evening.

You gotta be there!!! :-))

It's less than a month after I start work and so could be tough!

I will check though as it could be a Bank Holiday weekend - do they have those in Spain? Do you think it would be worth coming for the Friday evening until Sunday?

Hehe, we do have bank holidays in Spain, but I have no idea if this weekend will include one. Let me check!! :-))

Hmmm... doesn't really look like there'll be one (that's a calendario I found for Valencia).

On Friday there will be presentations, and on Saturday there will be workshops (you can check the website for more details: Hence, Saturday is the more interactive day, but I guess Friday would be also quite interesting since people like @heimindanger will go on stage.

Tell them it's your wife's birthday and you can't work that day - or something like that :-D

Damn job! I will not be able to attend the event. I would very much like to go to Mallorca; It's a beautiful place.
Greetings from Spain!

I agree, it's a lovely island.
Greetings back from Canary Islands and have a nice weekend! :-)

I have been for months, and it's really amazing to meet your fellow coworkers or the people with same mentality or your idol through this event. The event which you believe on. Hope to be part of it in future. Thanks for sharing

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Enjoy the event. I will be with you guys in the future. Greetings from Uganda