utopian’s Campaign With Indiegogo Promote By My Dtube vlog

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Hello everyone . I am md sumon pra
from steemit id @sumonpra

@Oracle-d Recently announce a new assignment to Support Utopian's Indiegogo Campaign.
This my promotional @dtube video.

Me Promote at @utopian-io's Indiegogo campaign

Today I’m going to share a campaign which deals with open source collaboration.
Utopian.io is the first platform that provides open source collaboration. The platform was established in 2017.
As this project is fully open source I would like to invite all my friends to support this project. A great chance to become a contributor.

we know this is the right platform for Everyone

Now if you want to make a difference than Follow this link and try to be a part of it. Every support does really matters.
Know everything click hare

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