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Good review and I am with you when films or series distort the truth and don't stick to the story as closely as they should. If the actor is meant to be a certain race then stick to it. It doesn't make sense unless they are just trying to please all groups and increase viewer ratings.
Sorry to hear about you tube hassles but glad you are here.


Yeah ive enjoyed my time on for most part. I'm hoping it will improve certain aspects in future and hopefully will attract more people from the outside.


I am sure they will as sometimes it is hard to load and play.I got lucky with your video tonight. I think once the prices start to rise we will be flooded again and it becomes a crazy place.

First of all, sorry to hear about your problems on YouTube. It can be very frustrating when you suffer a loss like that and you can't even get a proper reply with a motivation. Good you got your channel back and even better that you have a plan B, you have backup now in case that happens again.
This mini series looks interesting, you did a great review and I'm going to watch it one day when I'll have the strength for it :) Prison movies tend to creep me out but it looks like this is more than that. It has a great rate on IMDB and David Morse is one of my favorite actors. Thanks for the review.


Its pretty tame for a prison series, nothing too gore or overly violent, its a drama series at its core. I have to say that there are people in Dtube who have given me good financial boost and i'm thankful for that. I Just wish that one day there would be that option to watch on higher quality.


I'm pretty sure that they is going to come soon. These dapps are at the beginning of the road and the best is yet to come.

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Dtube is loading very slow here.
Did you also upload on YouTube?
Thank you.