Cake in Weifang - Picking out a Birthday Cake

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I visit a little bakery in Weifang (China) to pick up a birthday cake for my partner. They make cakes to order, and you are given a catalog to choose from if you don't have an idea of what you want. We went with a pretty plain fruit cake, just because that's what my partner really likes! The prices are in Chinese Yuan, and the cakes start at roughly $30AUD for the size shown in the video.

The other person in the video is my partner's mother. She doesn't speak much english, so when she asked me to go for a walk, I thought we were just going for a walk. I was pleasantly surprised when she ushered me into the bakery to pick out a birthday cake.

Also, for those that speak mandarin, please forgive my terrible pronunciation. Beyond phrases related to food, alcohol, and thank you, I pretty much know nothing else. Slowly working on that though :).

Have a great day :)

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Wow that is crazy! Such attention to detail, it must've taken ages. $30 AUD is cheap too for a cake like that. I'd reckon it'd be about $60 AUD at least here in oz. The multi-layers add extra awesomeness.

I know right. While people think China is a socialist country, when it comes to business they are as capitalist as it gets, and if you want something, they can do it... It's just a matter of price and time! Thanks for stopping by @spaceginger

Some pretty intense cakes :O I love and hate it when they look like that. Love it because they're so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to look at, hate it because I have to destroy the damn things to enjoy the other part of the artwork XD


Haha Ryivhnn. I know exactly what you mean. Its a shame to eat something so beautiful, but cake was meant to be eaten, and i will happily oblidge. Thanks for stopping by :)

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