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Hi everyone,

This is a miniature washing machine that my in-laws gave me to do my laundry :). I love the design, it looks like a massive face smiling.. yum yum yum lol. I was told to use this for my underwear and socks, as they are adamant that I should wash these separately to my other clothes.

I was told that it cost about $40 AUD, which based on the current exchange rate, you could buy for around $3 SBD. Crazy right! Don't where they actually brought it from, but if I see it being sold while exploring China, I will post up a link.


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That's pretty cool. Never seen anything like it in the way of washing machines. I reckon there could be a market here for those cos the sizes of houses are getting a lot smaller due to massive housing costs. I never thought I'd ever call a washing machine cute... but yeah that's pretty cute eh! hahaha

Thanks for stopping by @spaceginger.

I was thinking the same thing, but for mobile homes, and converted vans. Imagine that, a converted van complete with a gas burner, and washing machine..... What more could you need :P. But you are not wrong about house prices... Makes me cry a little bit each time I look at the housing market lol.

We've thought about doing up an old caravan an this would be a unique piece of kit. I cry to at the housing market. We built our house pretty much at a peak so I think the value of our house right now is LESS than what we built it for 5 years ago. Ah well, it's our home for life, not an investment.

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