Don't Starve - Episode 3: The Harvesting of Time

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In this episode I explore more of the map in an attempt to find some tallbirds, and my best friend Chester! I am sad to report that I was unsuccessful in either endeavour and have lost hope that I will see them in this world.

On a more positive note,
- I have survived through to Day 22;
- Our Base building efforts have been a success; and
- I start working towards finding a way back home.

In this video I also start experimenting with edits and cuts, reducing my video length to something more reasonable :P.

Thanks for watching!

Summary of Events

8:15 Killing Time
I kill the clockwork monsters in order to harvest their "precioussssss" gears. Their death will not be in vain, these gears are needed to construct a much needed fridge.
1 clockwork.JPG

15:04 The Pigs
The pigs shun me as I seek refuge from the darkness. I am force to camp out in rain in the middle of the swamp. What asshole… I will be back to take my vengeance.
2 pigs.JPG

21:10 Spider's Den
I unsuccessfully try (multiple times) to take on the spider population. I flee like a coward, leaving behind the silk I so desperately need. There is definitely strength in numbers… Mark my words, I will raise an army and show them who the real monster is!!
4 spiders.JPG

1:20:36 Treeguard
I anger the Treeguard by cutting down his fellow trees. I know when I am beat, and in an attempt to survive, "I bend the knee", planting several pinecones to appease the beast.
5 treeguard.JPG

▶️ DTube

Yay DTube worked for me finally! Always have issues trying to watch videos on it and only ever even got 1 video to upload. I think your mic is a little low, I had to turn my sound up a bit, but great video otherwise :) I really gotta make time to get into this game again.

Hi @spaceginger. Thanks for letting me know about the mic! Ill be sure to up the audio next time round. We should do a co-op video sometime when i have better internet.

I had a few issues uploading with dtube as well, and for me I figured out that my main problem was how I was encoding the videos from camtasia.

I use to encode at simple 480p, then use handbrake to reduce the file size, but this was really hit or miss.

What I have found worked consistently is encoding as a MP4 Smart Player (HTML 5) at 1280x720. Then i could use handbrake to convert it to HQ 480p video. Ever since I did that, I had almost no problems with uploading to dtube.

All good bro, just trying to help :) I actually just watched my Broforce one and mine is the opposite... damn near blew my eardrums out haha. I'm keen to do some kind of video post tonight. Maybe another game or maybe a video drawing tutorial. Pretty hard with my kids going full chimpanzee in the background right now lol. Co-op video would be really cool!

Thanks for the tips! I really do need to learn more about video so I can have more fun with it instead of wondering why things don't work and then just bailing on it. I pretty much know nothing, I just record via my graphics card and process it through PowerDirector. I'll look up this Handbrake program, never heard of it but sure looks good quality. I always thought it had to be in 1080 or something to look good.

Yeah it does, u can upload at 1080p but I think dtube autoconvert all our videos to 480p atm. Viewers can still view the original videouploaded though.

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