Steve and Stella Show: Sex With Robots? Ep. 3 Stella Edit

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Welcome to a new episode of our show. In this one, we discuss the topic of sex with robots. Good or bad?

Steve and I did something interesting for this one, because we both edited 2 videos from the same source footage. I’ve always been interested in experimenting with this idea, to see how different people create unique things from the same source material.

Anyway, this is my version (Stella), which I hope you enjoy. Steve’s is funnier, but I wanted to share with you what I came up with….the music in my edit is Grimes.

Go here to see Steve’s crazier edit:

(he accidentally uploaded it to his personal account instead of our joint one)

Here’s the YouTube version of my edit:

Shoutout Goes To @steem4depoor

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Some of you might be confused how I can walk the line between creating insane videos that one might think are “over the top” and being a person interested in “changing the world”. I’ve thought long and hard about why vapid entertainment appeals to normies, and I have come to the conclusion that a lot of content which is “do good” and “intellectual” doesn’t really interest people who are just barely making ends meet, and who do not have a lot of free time to contemplate deep topics.

I think back to when I was a corporate slave, working as a single mother, trying to support myself and my baby on a basic salary. I was so freaking tired all the time. I was either working for the man or taking care of my baby. I wasn’t thinking deep thoughts. I was thinking like this: “Will I go broke?” “How will I get enough sleep tonight so I can get up in time for work tomorrow?” I certainly didn’t have enough mental energy to make it through some super dense article about blockchain technology. I was worried about how my baby and I were going to eat that week.

Most people live on the edge of just barely making enough money to live. This is the current reality of where we are at as a species. I am interested in reaching as many people as possible, and so I choose the tools to reach them: comedy and over the top content that stands out. For me, I am an artist/writer first, philanthropist second. I want to explore the part of life that other people think is taboo. This has been my main deal since birth.

Having haters means that we are doing something right. Bring it on. And for all of you who criticize me, remember, I am one of the only Orcas who freely delegates my SP instead of charging to rent it out (@fulltimegeek and others who delegate freely, we love you).

And to @askmee, you’re getting a shoutout in our next video. Thanks for being our loyal fan.

Keepin’ The Blockchain Weird,
Steve and Stella

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I feel speechless at this moment because I can't describe the extent of my joy. Honestly I started with virtually nothing and was mocked for my name. I am so honored for the deeper love showed by @stellabelle and @stevealexander. I promise to put to good use the amazing gift that transformed my life.And will continuously transform the lives of others even as i receive greater transformation in my life. I want to use this opportunity to thank @ackza who is virtually like a father and a brother always giving me the best of councils and directing me whenever I am going wrong and also thank you @steemitghana for continously supporting me in everything I do.

your heart is surely made of gold. You deserve everything that the world has to offer, and more because of your selflessness. May more people become aware of your soul.

Thanks @slothcoin. I am blessed having your support and I believe this the beginning of great things to happen in our lives and that of our brothers and sisters.

Sees "Sex with Robots" in the title, clicks.

As you can see from our dynamics, I am more of an introvert......But i like to entertain ideas.

ha ha. Well, no sex here, but it's true that I kind of got attached to a robot, Jules....Kind of innocent crush on a I never met him, but this video gives you an idea why:

(Stella talking here)

First of all thank you @stevenandstellas for this great opportunity. You really need to see my weird face as i drop these lines.

For Sex with Robot, oooooh my G... It sound awkwards.. I wonder how pleasurable it will be but since it is weird to us all i think it really funny.. And all thats why i call it comedy. You guys are keeping it real..

I am shouting out to @stevenalexanders, @stellabelle, @askmee, @stevenandstellas, you guys are my hero here.

Permit me to say to you "I LOVE YOU".

I am me @brightfame

Haha this is epic :))))

Investing in people is the best investment you can make,

philanthropist second

Thank you for bringing greatness in people through your many discovery @stellabelle. You have discovered a few unique people on this platform. Your believes are exceptionally helpful. Cheers.

I will be seeing the video now.


once sex robots are perfected the underclass will be allowed to expire

I don't know what to react but a weird smile hahaha.
Can't imagine someone having intimate with a robot but I do love the funny side of the video effect it made me laugh lol. Thank you for this @steveandstella!

as long as you're laughing, we have done our job. Thanks for your comment!

Yes I did and I know there are bunch out there too. Thank you for making us smile. With what is happening in our out of steemit world I believe your pieces has just contributed to make a difference! Let us spread #smile!

And I just found a pure heart here!
The steemit world do need people like you. Spreading love, positivity and support to others are just coming out from your own fountain.
carrying the torch with you maam!

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lol i adore this Ep mate wow great job i will follow you of course waiting for more

You gotta take this to the next with AI robots? Sentient beings with feelings, expectations and their own relationship agendas. Knowing my luck I'd get some bunny boiling, combat trained stalker following me to the ends of the earth like some messed up romcom version of Terminator! Loving your work, be happy & smile often my friends ;)

Really Nice Post! @steveandstellas ! By the way I just did a post where i talked about the pros and cons of trading or Hodling Please check it out!

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