The Steve And Stella Show: Bloopers From Episode 1

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The Official Launch is here of a brand-new, high octane video show in Planet Steem starring soon-to-be Steem celebrity @stevenalexander and early adopter Steem Queen, @stellabelle.

The very first episode was released on @stevenalexander’s blog, so check it out here! It’s now up to $370 and trending!

For those of you having issues with DTube, we have also uploaded the Bloopers video to YouTube:

Our new account is a joint account, as we are officially working as a team, and will be releasing a new show every Friday! We have tons of things in store for you including:

Random Steem Faucets
Street Promotions Handing Out Steem and DTube Merch To Strangers!
Merch including stickers, t-shirts, random products for DTube, Steem and our show
Steem celeb gossip
Tips for Steem Noobs

Seriously, we have decided to ramp it up a notch since Steve and myself discovered that we have a similar creative history on YouTube and a sincere desire to become Planet Steem’s most interesting celebs. Join us as we either fail or succeed in our mission! It’s going to be wild, that much we know!

We are currently in the process of hiring a designer to create our official logo and branding! Until then, take a look at the bloopers from our very first episode 1.

We aim to entertain and please the people of Planet Steem!

Love and Keepin’ It Weird on the Blockchain,

@stevenalexander and @stellabelle

(@stellabelle in driver’s seat for this blog and video editing for Blooper vid)

▶️ DTube

Congratulations on making it to trending on a blooper reel when two 24/7 streaming steem based media stations with dozens of hosts haven't been able to get there either one since last June.

It must be super educational or useful or funny or something to make nearly 400 bucks when hundreds and thousands of listeners over all this time haven't been able to scrape up that much for MSP Waves or SteemStar Network, I'm sure it is worth all this though, content wise. Or maybe it's the "stella" effect, where people adore her, even though we rarely see her around much anymore? Hope this continues to do well. Good luck. It sets a bar for new users to the trending page to see that this is what sells while substantial content usually doesn't do well here at all.

But hey if stella does it, it must be worth something..... like we're not sure exactly WHAT she does, but hey, $$$ - it's like a Kardashian thing, I guess.

We have a lot of engaging things planned for this show, both for people who are already in here, as well as people from mainstream. Part of our focus is to create fun stuff that "regular" people can enjoy. Steven and I both worked hard on YouTube for years, myself, I was on Youtube since 2008, and was creating "weird stuff" for ten years. This show is a culmination of the creative work Steven and I have been doing for most of our lives. Directing music videos is my ultimate goal, and Steven has very similar life goals.
I had never used voting bots, but steven wanted to see if we could make our first episode trend. I spent some SBD, and so did he. It was an experiment for sure. While I do not like voting bots, and probably only use them a little bit, I think they have their place, as Steven is helping me to see what is it like to enter Steemit now.

I am an entrepreneur, so I am sure that making waves will be controversial. I look forward to more controversy in the name of spreading the message of decentralization and blockchain technology......served on a bed of ridiculousness, so that normies can get hooked.

Cool just don't forget you had this opportunity on two different networks before, one of which is feeding minnows every day, and the other of which, mine now, is feeding homeless people in wrecked economies, housing and supplying orphans in multiple countries and reaching hundreds and hundreds of lives on pennies, with earnestly built content delivered by average steemitizens who truly believe in this place and the power it wields to do greater good as a whole community at large. We would have helped you build your school too, but underneath it all is a trending video about bloopers, and that makes me kinda sad for the trending page, what new content creators see upon arrival and worse yet, what great and valuable things happening here get buried by something like this. A not so funny clip of someone nobody really knows with you, worth $400 while amazing work continues to make pennies because they aren't steemit famous. I was one of your biggest fans too early on, but this is a lot disappointing.

How about trending how a single 18 year old venezuelan backed by the steem community people, witnesses and the steem excluside worldwide humanitarian aid foundation @YouAreHOPE did this, instead of bad wigs and not-funny video maybe? Oh it's nothing, just 250kg of food, hygiene kits for orphans and plumping repairs in their orphanage in devastated venezeula, or akpan and youarehope supplying hundreds of school kids in distraught lagos, with backpacks and school supplies and food?

English version will be up shortly too at the same users account.

Glad you are having fun though. I often want to give up and quit when I see stuff like this trending while valuable contributions fail. Good optics for the platform, I guess? But that's not what I hear down here in the street with the noobs, onboarding them in the communities. They don't know why they should bother to stay, up against things like this for a slice of the pie. Sadly though, they are the ones supporting other humans, its not the rare whale who kicks in enough to save a village.

Really I enjoyed when I watch your videos thank you @steveandstellas by the way you have wonderful laugh huhuhuh @stellabelle

Good job @stevenalexander I'm waiting next Friday ;)

We are glad you like it! I laugh instead of cry.....been this way my whole life...stella talking here....

Stella huhuh I'm waiting others laughs 😂😁😂😂😂

I feel you- how do you split screen live? I was just attempting to figure that out the other day, for steem videos! Am planning to get friends of mine and professionals talking from afar. It’d be easiest to record live but I am betting the quality won’t be as great as this- do ya’ll have sweet webcams, sweet internet, and/or put it together in post? Share? Thanks! Also- you two are a fun, power duo!

so In Skype you go to the toggle full screen setting then you just click on the small rectangular photo of yourself. This brings it into split screen.

When I entered the house I was very worried and when I watched these videos I felt better I liked your laugh

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