"The Steve And Stella Show" - Episode #1 - The Launch! Let's Get Weird.

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In todays brand new episode of The Steve And Stella Show we'll be getting situated with our filming arrangements, as well as goofing off and discussing what it's like to be a brand new Steemian!
Our show will be airing every Friday!
We are extremely excited with the launch of our new project and what this means for the community of steemit.
Each week we'll be coming forward with brand new topics, gossip and goofiness.
We Love YOU And We Look Forward To All You Steemians Tuning In!
Yours Truly,

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Hhhh funny strange
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indeed we are my wonderful friend! My name is @stevenalexander and its so nice to meet you:) Glad you stopped by and saw our show. Glad to connect. Hopefully we'll see you around!

As I found stillway on its own... I'm connected to what you're talking about. It is very difficult for me because I am a Filipino. I've studied all on my own, and I'm still studying. I have enjoyed your video, I am smiling and laughing with you... This show will be followed. and keep thanks

hhh funny

lol thanks brother. Glad you liked ! it's a brand new series ! tune in on Fridays.

Yeah you are comedian man
Do you know I need just one upvote to reach 52 reputation lol i'm now in 51.99 huh

Thank you so much I reach it lol

I also found Steemit on my own...I am related to what you are talking.and It's quite hard for me because I am a Filipino. I studied all on my own, and I am still studying. I enjoyed your video, I am smiling and laughing with you...I will be following this show., keep on thanks.

Haha, I really enjoyed your show. Very funny and good quality video. Can't wait for the Steemit gossip :D

hahaha @flauwy how are ya man?! so happy for the positive feedback. We have big big plans for the community. We are bringing some major creativity and weirdness to the platform. We need some entertainment here :) hope to see you around my friend!

You surely will. I love DTube and I am part of DTubeDaily so I hang out here - well - daily. ;)

You Fucking Rock Man! I'm just so happy to connect and feel the love. Have an incredible day alright? so happy we're all a team now:) I'm happily following you right away <3! I'll be posting a cover song of Ray Lamontagne later on and he's such a beautiful songwriter . hopefully you can check it out!

very funny and mindblowing

This is a great show. I watched it all and it was fun. I hope to follow through in subsequent editions. Cheers.

Waw beautiful...😚😚😚

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My favorite part is Steve saying “Cheese news. Poop news.” Stella eyes get BIG then they both crack up. Hilarious! Funny stuff you two. ❤️❤️🦋🦋❤️❤️


I’m going to follow you both! I’m definitely interested in finding out more about the different steemit communities. Resteemed

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I enjoyed it.
Have a nice day.

make everybody happy

hahhaah I LOVE IT!! tooo funny! I can't believe you found Steemit on your own :P nicely done! Love y'all's hairdos and style -it's all about the volume! :)

What's hard right now is discovering these groups that exist. Ideally as steemit gets refreshed there will be a less demanding method for investigating and finding.

you guys make weird look cool! keep it up ;)

Funny! Congrats on your new project!

Thank you.... It's will be an interesting show especially for the new guys here

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Nice, soon @ackza and @stellabelle will make content together too and it will also get trending but dang sorry to see the grumpy cat lol

steem so crazzzzy

Soon THIS will be the price of steem

heating up getting so much pressure the steem will get SO hot that soo the price will BURST like this NEXT pic

With Gold coins flying everywhere! :D

And then this golden steem ring will be formed :D

(Image thanks to @joshcash )

I know stellabele would agree I NEED to add some GRAPHICS to THIS image of a GOLD mining machine, looks so 90s clipart and make clipart animations of dollars and stuff floating around it and Gold Bars gold coins and DIamonds all floating around it and dollar bills, and it would look SO cool as one of the things i have seen @stellabelle make before

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you are a real comedian. bravo and continue

<3 What?! I was digging seeing you guys talk, and then all of a sudden you’re talking about me?! Thanks both of you for being so supportive- both to me and to the whole community- you guys rock! I love that you are promoting crypto for artists! As I was listening to @stellabelle talking about slothicorn I was musing on what kind of art I could do for it (haha don’t worry- not porn). It’s been on my brain on getting involved with that. I’m loving that there’s such opportunity for silliness and art helping legitimize crypto. Thanks you guys!

ahahahaha! :D That laugh and the looks haha! You made my day!

love this! can you share resources @stellabelle you mentioned?

I came for the wigs, I stayed for the wisdom...

I had the exact same feeling you did, entering steemit is like entering a whole new world, i didn't know what a SDB was either... i didn't know anything about this, thank god i joined steemit, If i could describe steemit in a few world i would say ( a platform where you can voice your opinion into the internet while making new friends and be paid for it), i would however like to know where the money comes from, since i'm not english trying to learn Where it comes from has been an hassle.
Stella is 100% right, atm i'm trying to get a post into the steemstem community, i just joined their discord and they are very helpful
Need to check that virtual reality porn you guys talked about xD
Great post @stevenalexander, i loved the dtube video, keep doing stuff with Stella

Congratulations !!! Good luck as planned

ahahah! Enjoynig your videos!!! Not easy to find not boring stuff on d.tube! Stella is amazing!

What's hard right now is finding all of these communities that exist. Hopefully as steemit gets updated there will be an easier way of exploring and discovering.

It is unfair you are a victim of a bully @grumpycat.

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ahahaha this is awesome! I remember you telling me about how you found out about Steem!

Also, you guys have rocking outfits! :) Love it!!!!

and... question... how do you do the split screen video? :)

Hahah Karen I miss you guys we gotta chat soon ! How is your trip going ?! It’s in the settings of skype under toggle mode and then click on Your box and I.T should split the screen. You have to be using the skype app not the website. Let’s video chat with @acromott soon I miss you guys !

awww! Lets catch up soon :) hehe

@stellabelle has got the funky side and the other amazing side, I guess this here funky side hahaha, a very amazing show you guys had, believe me I'm a fan😀😀😀😀😀

Just ecellent debut for your new blog, guys. Or new channel or vlog or whatever the heck you want to call it lol

Btw, I'll take what you two are drinking or inserting or adminstating lol

Congrats though guys, Really !! :)

this looks hilarious :)

Great video you two! Look forward to future episodes!

I initially tested the cryptocurrency market this past Thanksgiving. I quickly became hooked in with al the hype at that time. On December 2nd, I stumbled across STEEM. I exchanged $10 worth of Litecoin, which originally started as a $5 investment, and received 7.688 STEEM. On December 7th, I saw that STEEM has rose nicely in 5 days, so I exchanged $10 of ETH, which was originally a $5 investment as well, and this time received only 5.552 STEEM. Due to exchange fees, this brought my STEEM total to 13.24.

I held it for two weeks before searching out the community behind this amazing coin. In the two weeks, my $20 investment dropped to $17 within the first couple days. However, within this two week time frame, my $20 was now sitting are $40. My search began to find the person(s) behind this coin. Within minutes of searching, I was officially introduced to the wonderful community of steemit.

My first 3 weeks, I was so baffled by steemit and how it was built on the blockchain, I slowly began losing interest in chasing cryptocurrency, and became more interested in the Steem blockchain itself. I also learned that my original plan of buying into, and holding onto STEEM to think it might go bitcoin one day, was a bad idea.

It's not only steemit being on the blockchain, but it's the amazing people who make up the steemit community. I actually believe in the Steem blockchain, I still invest my own money into steemit, and post the best content I can. I'm new to all this, and I am still learning from my mistakes, as well as others before me. I'm definitely here you stay. I hope to only bring forth better and better content each passing day, as well as contributing my time here on steemit to make it a much better experience for those who have yet to arrive here on steemit.

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