The Steem Sister Show - Episode 111 // Outdoor Adventures (Part Two)

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Welcome to the Steem Sister Show!

Your hosts are @coruscate and @maryjaney - two sisters bringing fun content to the Steem blockchain.

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Topic of this Episode –Outdoor Adventures(Part Two)

In case you missed our Part One Episode, we chatted all about some of our scariest outdoor stories. In part two - we are getting into some of our funniest and juiciest stories instead!

Here are the questions we answered in this episode:

  • @g4fun - what is your favorite outdoor venture you’ve been on?

  • What is your favorite outdoor adventure story to tell at a party?

  • What outdoor adventures are still on your bucket list of things you’d like to try?

  • Did you ever make a mistake on a backcountry adventure that totally backfired?

What is the Steem Sister Show All About?

We aim to bring more “non-crypto” related content to the Steem Blockchain. Although there is nothing wrong with this kind of content (@coruscate even posts on crypto related material sometimes) – we want to help create a better onboarding experience for new users. We talk a lot about attracting new users to the platform – but if the trending page is filled with crypto posts and flagging wars, they are likely to lose interest quickly.

We hope that by creating content that is more similar to what they are used to seeing on other social media sites – they will feel more excited about being here and creating content of their own!

How Does It Work?

We pick a different theme every week, and then throw totally random questions about that topic in a hat and go back and forth. We always have a mix of our own questions and some audience questions. Our rule is that we cannot tell each other our answers before filming! So you guys are getting our raw, unfiltered reactions here.

Every episode we announce the next week’s topic so people can submit questions.

Want to win some Steem??

If we chose to answer your question in the next show… we will send you 2 Steem!

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The Next Topic: Cheap vs. Expensive

In case you haven't seen this massive Youtube trend - we are bringing it to SSS! There are tons of videos all over the internet of people reviewing "cheap vs. expensive" items to see if they are really worth it. For example - there' a video of someone comparing $5 sushi to $1,000 sushi! Crazy, right?

Well in this episode series, we are going to chat about all sorts of items to see what we think is worth the money - and what you can get by with on the cheap.

So feel free to send us questions - or even just a list of items you think it would be fun to see us chat about! If we choose your list or your question - we'll send you 2 steem.

That’s a Wrap!

We really hope you guys enjoyed all the stories (some classier than others) in this episode!

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

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Thanks for answering my question.
You have my full respect and admiration for the Montana story. You can be sure, this one will never get boring.

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Thanks so much for the great question and for watching the episode! Glad you enjoyed that crazy Montana story. hahah I'll be sending those 2 steem your way later today when I hope on SSS to upload the next episode!

You guys look so similar... Both of you guys so cute...

hehe thanks! Even though Mary is 7 years younger than me - we definitely look like sisters! 🥰

Haha.. same like me.. Me and my sis look so similar though she is 6 years younger than me.

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Nice travel steemsister take care

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