The Steem Sister Show - Episode 110 // Outdoor Adventures

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Welcome to the Steem Sister Show!

Your hosts are @coruscate and @maryjaney - two sisters bringing fun content to the Steem blockchain.

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Topic of this Episode –Outdoor Adventures

In this epsiode, we share all sorts of fun (and scary) stories of different adventures we've been on! Come back for part two in a few days to hear the rest of the conversation. :)

Here are the questions we answered in this episode:

  • @goldmatters - If you could pick one Steemian and to go with you on your next outdoor adventure, who would it be and why?

  • What is the most redneck or white trash outdoor adventure you’ve done?

  • What’s your scariest outdoor adventure story?

  • What type of activities do you want to try, but feel intimidated or scared by?

What is the Steem Sister Show All About?

We aim to bring more “non-crypto” related content to the Steem Blockchain. Although there is nothing wrong with this kind of content (@coruscate even posts on crypto related material sometimes) – we want to help create a better onboarding experience for new users. We talk a lot about attracting new users to the platform – but if the trending page is filled with crypto posts and flagging wars, they are likely to lose interest quickly.

We hope that by creating content that is more similar to what they are used to seeing on other social media sites – they will feel more excited about being here and creating content of their own!

How Does It Work?

We pick a different theme every week, and then throw totally random questions about that topic in a hat and go back and forth. We always have a mix of our own questions and some audience questions. Our rule is that we cannot tell each other our answers before filming! So you guys are getting our raw, unfiltered reactions here.

Every episode we announce the next week’s topic so people can submit questions.

Want to win some Steem??

If we chose to answer your question in the next show… we will send you 2 Steem!

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The Next Topic: Cheap vs. Expensive

In case you haven't seen this massive Youtube trend - we are bringing it to SSS! There are tons of videos all over the internet of people reviewing "cheap vs. expensive" items to see if they are really worth it. For example - there' a video of someone comparing $5 sushi to $1,000 sushi! Crazy, right?

Well in this episode series, we are going to chat about all sorts of items to see what we think is worth the money - and what you can get by with on the cheap.

So feel free to send us questions - or even just a list of items you think it would be fun to see us chat about! If we choose your list or your question - we'll send you 2 steem.

That’s a Wrap!

We really hope you guys enjoyed all the stories (some classier than others) in this episode!

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

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Wahey! Sorry I haven't been around so much my super SSS friends! New job and all, and trying to get our little forest farm ready for an amazing summer of fun.

Question for next show.... cheap versus expensive hair salon experience?
My partner spends so much, and is there for hours and hours, but she does look absolutely amazing when she rocks outta there...

awwww it made my day to see your comment!!! I'm glad to hear you are settling into your new job and your amazing forest home is coming together for the summer! I bet it is such a nice little escape from the craziness of work at the end of the day. ☺️ One of these days i'll come through Portland and we'll come by to visit you!

Thanks for the great question for our next episode. That's a really good one! As someone who has gone to handfuls of both expensive and cheap hair places - this will be fun to discuss.

hooollla!! ✌🏻🍷

Hello steemsisters! Talking about cheap and expensive, i think both are two parallel lines and i love the fact that you are bringing this up. In my own opinion, i think reason why people go for cheap things has to do with money. My questions goes thus

  • Do quality stuff still come in cheap price at times?
  • Do you think people go for cheap stuff because of the quantity?
  • Do you prefer quality(expensive) over quantity(cheap)?

I missed this show so much and i hope i can keep it logged again. Much love @steemsistershow

Hey Oxygen!! Good to see you. 🤗We appreciate the awesome questions for our next episode.

Ha ha!! Thanks for all the mentions you guys:)

Wineanxiety level: ATH

hahah I know right? So many mentions, so much wine anxiety. It pretty much felt like you were here.

Thanks for the great question, btw! It was my favorite from the episode. 🤗

hahah glad you enjoyed that part. Whenever I talk about south or anything redneck, it seems to creep out of me! I was born and raised in the south though - so I think I'm allowed to do that. 😂

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