Build your Steemit Community by watching the ACTIVE TAGS

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In this Steemit tutorial @samstonehill explains the importance of community building and how to view active tags.

► Watch on DTube
► Watch Source (IPFS)

Many thanks to @jlosammy for giving me the idea to make this particular tutorial and if you are interested in building a Brazilian Community I suggest you drop him a line :)

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Community building is essential if you are looking at Steemit as a long term investment. A group of people posting on a particular topic or even just from the same country can support each other with their upvotes & resteems.

This is especially important if your region or subject is not getting much traction on Steemit currently. It is only a question of time before they do. And you will find yourself in a very strong position as the person leading the development of the community.

Building a Facebook group specific to your community is another great way to pull people together under a common banner using the platform they are more familiar with.


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DTube is the first decentralised video hosting site which uses the Steem Blockchain and connects directly with Steemit, thanks to the amazing work of @heimindanger

Check our growing channel here:


Great video!

Thanks for the help, man! Really appreciate it. Now let's work to bring more brazilians to steemit!

Ah yes, so sorry I forgot to mention you personally! I will add your name now.

Thank you for giving me this idea :)

Heey!!! That's really cool from you. Thanks a lot man!

Short, sweet, informative and useful. Thanks.

Thanks very much. Appreciate your feedback :)

Great tip. We should make our own tag. I produce similar videos like you. By the way, your voice reminds me of Ewan McGregor.

haha! You're not the first to say that. Which is weird because he is Scottish & I spent most of my life in London!

I will check your tutorials now... perhaps we may be able to get you involved in hosting webinars through the Steem Masters website?

I am always looking for cooperation with fellow Steemians. I am developing webinars myself currently for memory techniques. And I use the puppet technology for the host.

I just watched your randowhale tutorial. Great info & very unique presentation style! How are you animating your Steem man?
I have Adobe Character Animator but not started using it yet.

Yes, let's keep in touch as the Steem Masters website develops into a fully functional portal for those of us who are interested in teaching others.

Keep up the great work!

Sounds amazing and I am happy to learn more about it.

Yes, I use Adobe Character Animator. It took ma about three months to comfortable with it. It is still abit iffy. However, amazing technology that makes stuff like that so much easier.

It's still in Beta right? haha! Those of us using Steemit know what that feels like.

Looks like you have mastered it pretty well.

I barely touching the surface so far. When I invest more time in the puppet it can be amazing. But so far I am in non-stop production mode. ;)

Excellent! Another UBER-juicy quick video with PRACTICAL and ACTIONABLE tasks which can be implemented immediately. Keep these coming. Upvoted.

Thanks buddy. Pushing myself hard to get at least one done every two days!

Appreciate your ongoing support 🙏🏻

I love this presentation. Short, precise and informative. Now I can easily check out people posting in my categories.

That's it my friend. It's a great little trick to know :)

Thanks for the video. I'm new here to Steemit, and am trying to promote my video horror narration page. Any tips in growing the channel are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Serious question: so, I'm a YouTube sub, big fan for years now... where do you prefer I watch? What's dtube? I'm listening to your current stories, I'm assuming they are being monetized because the nature so far and title doesn't seem un-family friendly... always watch the ads to support you and other narrators. I'll listen multiple times because your stories are awesome. Should I watch in YT and just come here to upvote? By the way, say hi to Gordon Ramsay 😍 for me

Watch here as this is where I would make better income. One part of The Patient series (Part 4 I think) made me $123 in one day. Some months on YT with 80,000 views haven't done that. DTube is just like YouTube. You can search for videos, and they are posted much like YouTubes. You need to join it, but it's part of SteemIt, so it's fairly easy. And there's all kinds of videos to see. To find mine you can search for either 'otisjiry' or 'horror' and you'll find my stuff.

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