so if you've not been keeping up with steemcasting, a quick update!

in #dtube4 years ago

lots to tell you about so it might be better to just do it in video.

this morning i was going around looking at some of the wonderful submissions to @surfermarly marketing viral video campaign, omg, so many awesome entries (well done everyone) it got me inspired that these videos should be a block of time/video in steemcasting -- maybe in the early hours, grab as many of the sixty second videos as possible and have them back to back, with a branded overlay graphic and the movies behind playing out everyday, scheduled out in a playlist as part of the content that goes out.

if your interested in having your #sixtysecond video included in this just fill out this form -- and that will give me permission to use the video to stream and give me the location of where the video is and hopefully i'll be able to grab a copy/download it so i can package it up for a stream! :)

. .. and that's why the video update today, i came across a few people that had not heard of @steemcasting and wanted some more details so i felt this catchup video made more sense -- i only did launch the project ten days ago and i've had a flurry of updates since then so it made sense to try and get you up to speed with a video! :)

i hope this video will give you the information you need, feel free to leave comments if you wanna connect or talk more about the project, my work now is to build out the overlays, lower thirds, guides, schedules and a bunch more other stuff, i'll be updating the scheduler on if you want to see that and how that's developing, i'm still trying to nail down an easy way for people to get involved and get content to me.

once we have got $100 in the kitty (english for once we have the money) to get going for thirty days we will transfer the funds and order the package, i've got plenty of time to build up those media archives between now and then! :)

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I LOVE this idea. Great work!

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