Our Rollercoaster Lives - Dtube Exclusive

in dtube •  6 months ago

We live basically on ups and downs. No matter how we plan, unpredictable things will happen, whether good or bad. We have to be the best we can.
We've got to ensure that we have the right perspective to the things we do, so we can have an even clearer picture in difficult times. Tough times test our activities and we have to prove we are authentic. In all, up or down, let's keep moving.

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Excellent motivation, my friend and you are right, difficulties make us stronger on our way! Thank you @starkemmy

Only moving forward in spite of all difficulties shows us what we stand in this life!

Where are you Sister?


Same question here :/


Let's hope she comes back soon @tibfox @salmannaqvi

Hey. Where did you go. You are probably taking a break/ busy at the moment but we miss you. Hope to see you on these streets soon.

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