Becoming A Full Time Steemian | DTube Vlog #14

in dtube •  last year

Who wants to do this full time?!

  • Consistency
  • Persistency

In this video, I go over some challenges of being a full time Steemian.
I mentioned in my STEEMIT IN 2018!! vlog that I wanted to be a full time vlogger and content creator on the Steem blockchain and I'm really excited to reach that level!

Is this possible? Absolutely
Is it easy? No

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

I believe that everything I desire to accomplish, will in fact be accomplished.

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😁👍🏼🇩🇴 Dr love baby!


CT here, What's Up Ny? I'm new here to STEEMIT. How does one go about posting video to STEEMIT. I'm not very tech savy... thanks


Hey Welcome.
You should register on DTube, which is linked to steemit, there you can upload videos.
I hope I could help !


This is great! but I'm having issues signing up. Pls help.


Hello @ndiasimon.
I don't know what your problem is but perhaps, you don't know that you can do this:
Go to your Wallet, click on permissions and show your private Key, copy it and log in with that password.
If it isn't helping let me know.
Good Luck


thank you for help


it s good idea linknig DTube to steemit


Hi. You can upload videos on Dtube and they will become a post on your steemit blog.


Steemit gona change my minde more and more for blockchain decentralisation revolution

That was a nice video right on your face.
It is nice and direct though.
Good direction to be a full time steemit.
Keep on steemit.

I hope one day I will able to do it full time :)
Maybe I should also switch to VBlogging, looks like it have high success here!


Its definitely a lot more fun! Go for it!

that's so inspiring

Nice post. Thank you.

Very cool post. Feeling motivated :) upvoted and started following you so that I can keep getting great tips and motivation :)


Awesome thanks! Stay tuned!

Video didn't play for me.

all the time of day i remain at steemit hehe

I want to become a vlogger too and i followed you to get some good guidance from you. Thanks and stay blessed.


Thanks @mmasim! I think the first step is to just take a leap and try it! Thanks, hope to give you some more value soon!


Great video. It was something I was looking for. I also want to become a full time Steemian and this idea itself is so cool that it's worthy to try. It's like making one's hobby into job. I will definitely try vlogs to see where it can lead me.


You should TOTALLY do a follow up video to this!!! Great job!!!

Aye your speaking the truth bro! You were kinda of outlier when it came to starting our with huge payouts, which kinda sucks because your expectations might be a little skewed!

It take a ton of time consistently engaging with the community as well as creating content, even when you only get a few cents!

The problem with people depending on whale support, is you never know when they are going to swim away!

In my opinion I would rather have a 10 really good minnow friends, compared to a whale who might only see me as a tool for curation rewards. Eventually minnows become dolphins and it's those friends that are going to build that base for becoming a full time steemian!


You're absolutely right bro. And you know, when I first got here it didn't take me long to realize that. I knew that we were on a fast track that may or may not be sustainable!

At the end of the day, it's all about being passionate about what you do! Whales, minnows, dolphins, they all matter. Build relationships with everyone, create awesome content, and eventually either sooner or later your success will come!

Ya, I think a lot of people who come here without knowing anything about steem and how it works think, "Whoa, all these people gave this guy 300 bucks!!" They don't realize that it's so often one or two whales that gave them 90% of that payout, or even bots that they paid to upvote them. I'm really hoping there's a way for dTube to become more egalitarian. (I remember reading a post from someone thinking about making bots that upvote you when you get to a certain number of views...) I think it's going to be hard to make dTube a sustainable income for anyone without a slighty different reward system.

I went and found that post:


Yeah you have a great point! Whales tend to upvote what they like though, so it's important to keep in mind that creating great content and building relationships is going to be the long term sustainable route.

It would be interesting to see DTube's take on the idea of a different payout system. I just don't think it's possible due to the nature of the blockchain.

Definjtely looking to tackle making this a suplimebtwl income streem, but always I’m doing my surname dilligence and trying to learn from those already established on steemit to make my climb as efficient as possible.

Speaking of efficiency, putting an opaque YouTube’s style play button and dtube logo upper right to imply embedded play as the thumbnail of the video is pure, unadulterated genius. Youncoukd make a video on -that- trick alone and I’d upvote it. Once people are on the dtube page, they are -going- to watch it. Genius!


Haha thanks man! Have to get that click-through rate up ya know? I'm going to add it to a list of things to go over! Thanks for stopping by!


It totally works and I am 100 percent steaming it for my dtube vids.

I'm so proud of you honey. Remember that there are highs and lows in everything in life and its how you handle is what matters most.


Hey you! Couldn't do it without you babe <3 My #1 fan! :)

It is difficult but definitely attainable with hard work and perseverance..

I will do it. I refuse to step into the 9-5 culture when there are too many opportunities to synthesize multitudes of streams of income! A person just needs a purpose. They set their eyes and if they truly want it, it's in their hand already.

You're doing awesome @spenceryan ! Keep grinding and never quit hustling SON.


Much love brother, I appreciate it! Keep up the awesome work and keep pushing through!

Im going to full time soon..
what first thing we need to do is..
sketch what is our plan..
my big mission is.
"retire at 2019,2020"
i need to plan how many, what post i need to make.
good luck to my myself and everyone.


Looking forward to seeing you do it @doqstrader!

Yes, full-time steemians is the goal!

Thank you for sharing your goal and tips to become a full-time Steemian! Wish you the best on your journey to achieve.

This video couldn't have come at a better time! I am just about to begin the journey to becoming a full time Steemian. I joined over a year ago, and posted a few articles - a couple under a different account at first. Those articles obviously didn't get much traction since I was new and I got a new job, so I stopped writing articles for the time. My brother and I recently came up with an idea for a video series and I thought I could go more in depth in article form as well... and Steemit popped back into my mind. THEN I found out about DTube and got all kinds of excited!! Now my brother has an account and we're about to fully dive in! Plus, a couple of other video series have come to mind in the past few days!

I know it's going to take hard work, consistency, and persistence... but I'm looking forward to it. The Steemit community has grown quite a bit since I last saw it, and I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you!

Thanks for the advice and I look forward to more of your content!

Comrade, your constant jump cuts gave me momentary seizure, thankfully wife was next to me to administer vodka.



Haha this comment had me rolling! Thanks!

I'm working full time in cryptocurrencies at the moment in a few different ways:

  1. online courses
  2. ICO Consulting
  3. Steemit and DTube blogging/vlogging

It is definitely hard to get working full time in this world, but if it is something that you're passionate about you just have to keep working at it.

It looks like you are doing extremely well so far, congratulations!


Thank you @lukebrn! It's great that you keep pushing at it! Passion will keep you going even when you are burned out!


No problem! That's the plan. Not doing amazing on Steemit yet, but it's going well and I'm happy to keep sharing my content!


How did you get started with ICO consulting?


I've worked in marketing for a good while, as well as founding startups. Coupled with my interest in technology, I decided to move in to this space after being approached by some people. Happy to talk more over on Steemit chat or discord if you are interested.

hey buddy you know this job :)

Yes, motivation is what gets you started.habit is what keeps you going...


That's very true. And passion. If you have passion, you can succeed at anything!

Thanks for sharing.
Just resteem your post.
I love your vlogging .



Thank you @qami!

Hey @spenceryan, thank you for sharing with us another video of enormous value!! I'm very intrigued by your 1st Challenge - the risk of relying on SBD as a primary source of income. Because SBD fluctuates easily during the 7-days rewards payout duration, our income in USD might be vastly different too. Since this is the case, what do you reckon users who rely on the Steem Income like yourself and myself to do? Do we go 100% SP instead of splitting it up between SP and SBD?


Well, while SBD is high definitely go 50/50, because even if you want to power up 100% you can get more steem if SBD is higher. Ultimately, it's just a matter of having a backup until you're consistently getting paid a decent payout!


Alright @spenceryan, thanks for the head ups!! Will bear that in mind for future posts :)

raises hand
I’m with you on the full time train man. Best tof luck to you in that goal! Obviously there’s a hell of a lot of work to be put in, time to be spent and rewards to be enjoyed, but it’s all worth it and it’ll be a fun and incredible experience.
Loving keeping up with your stuff, it’s keeping me pushing for the Steem life haha.


thanks so much brother! Honestly, it is a lot of work but it's not really work if you love what you do right? Keep on at it @tim.clarke!

Nice post. I just up-voted u.

Solid tips my dude! Currently sorting things out so i can bring more content more consistently to the platform! My take on steem is to just post as you would regularly, don't necessary get to caught up in the fact that we actually do have that potential to get paid, and most of all, have fun and put out value, engage and build connections with others, just like your doing my bro. Keeping it 100%! Love it!


You're exactly right though! Forget the money aspect and do it with passion! Can't wait to see you go even harder man!

I'm planning to do this full time too and see the end result this year. I think this year will be awesome year for cryptocurrency.


This year will definitely be one for the books!

Thank you this was valuable insight into how this community operates. Best!!

It's definitely something which I would love to do full-time . For some reason, I just can't vlog, limited to only writing blogs. But at the same time am also scared to do it full-time. Like you said, it's possible but definitely not easy :D


Try giving vlogs a shot! I know it can be intimidating, but it's really fun!

I don't know how I can be so late on this DTube thing... Meh, I just came in November and didn't spend that much time on STEEM. But god this is awesome. Good Video here and I totally agree with you.

But don't you think it is easier today to start as a full time Steemian on DTube, than start full time on YouTube?

Thanks again for the video and have a good one!

Damn bro if you're making $400/video I would say you're well on your way to becoming a full time Steemian.

What would you say is the secret to your success?

This was great, just followed you. Good luck in your journey


Thank you @kv151!

I want to work full time but I face some problems.


Keep your head up man, you will get there! @mominsdt1

Hell ya, I hope many people can become full timers on this site! Next few years will tell and I think it will look really good!


I'm ready to see it happen bro, excited to see where everyone goes with this! @brianturner
Excited to see some more of your content on here as well.


Yep really excited what the future of this platform will bring and how everything develops

This is a must see video for anyone wanting to be a part of steemit! Thank You for sharing it.


Thanks for that @daviddivergent!

Spot on! Totally Agree. Building a strong tribe of people is the best way! Keep creating, pumped to see more


Exactly man, and I've seen you doing this day in and day out! Can't wait to see where you go with this man!

Agree with everything you said. Life is all about relationships. Foster great relationships and the rest will work itself out. Steem On bro!


That's exactly right @captainbob! By the way you are doing great man! Keep up the awesome work!

Wow 438$? :o

I would be happy if some of my videos would get even 10$ xD

But I don´t really know how this system works :D

Maybe I will find it out but if some people like what I do it is still nice. :)

My goal is to become a full time steemian as well. I post analysis on coins, here's some value to you my friend:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.20.10.png

Hello ~ LOL
We are friends in steemit.
I am interesting in your post and I want to share with the same

May be I won't be able to do it full time but great I have learnt a new word from your post... vlogger!! It's interesting

Also, please upload more, very much appreciate.

I totally agree with you on that brother! You know, nothing in life is ever easy. Especially, big dreams such as this. Nothing is impossible, but it requires you to be FREAKING STRONG MENTALLY!! You gotta keep on pushing and pushing past the haters and prove it only to yourself that you can do it and then you will be up there sooner than you think!

Winny out...for now ;)

PS: You will see me become a full time steemian along side you, so I will see you at that end ;)

Hi! I'm new here. Really need help. Please vote My articles. I vote for yours. They are very good. Thank You!

Awesome video! Good job. Very inspirational. Congratulations on your well earned profits. :)

Im considering being a full time steemian so should i d o videos or can i just do contest and get widely known? my otherf question would be, i see alot of people with post that make hundreds of bucks, how long would it take me when at the moment my account is just worth barely 8 bucks. Thanks you this was very informative and you have a follow from me.

cool vlog, I think of going to do my next one in the car too haha since that seems to be the trend :P sbd always has been lower than steem because it's 1 dollar worth of steem its just for a little more than a month now that it is higher than steem

Thank you for sharing.

thanks for the information, i was personally confused about doing this full time and even if it was possible. but i now know that with some hard work and dedication, it very well could be!

Good post

I hope I can get to it too someday :)
Really nice post you made here, hope you get the success you deserve!

Excellent, just hope i can make it to such level. Its cool learning from you.

Nice Job man!!! Keep rockin it !!!

SBD is going down right now!

My friends, I am happy to find people like you who think like me. Unfortunately todays world is so curucial about gaining money we are like slaves at the wor. It doesnt matter how your des is cool or your company's building.

I dont need so much money I need to live I want to to feel the life I wanna trip if I can find a forest I want to live like monkeys belive this is life :D And I support your blogging survey. DO IT.

Consistency and Persistency are definitely the keys and easier said than done. It's what keeps most folk from becoming a full time steemian but no one said this would be easy.

Hey all! I just started up on steemit and have experience and the tools to make extremely smallcap crypto picks. Follow me on an adventure to the moon! :)

Great tips especially for those arriving now. I've been trying to build my audience for a while now and I'm also trying to make a living and becoming a full-time a content creator. So in this regard, I made some badgers to be used as a signature in the posts. What I'm​ suggesting is a new term for those who want to be a full-time blogger, vloger, contributor inside​ the Steem ecosystem​. Of course, ​I'm not a native English​ speaker and my community is the brazilians or portuguese content in general.

The cool thing is that they are already adopting the badges.

So this way if you enjoy using​ Steemit more, you are a #steemer, if you enjoy DTube more, you are a DTuber and so on... check it out:

steemit badge light.jpg

dtube badge light.jpg

Also you can check more artworks and badges about this project in my post here

steemer light banner.jpg

Thank you and I hope I'm not been rude/gaffe by posting images in your comments.

Even though the journey might be rough and bumpy, but you will eventually arrive at the destination, @spenceryan

PS: Subscribed to you dTube channel, keep up the good work :)

Keep doing what you're good with, spenceryan :)

Hi, I liked your video.
I have a question.
How can you attract more visits to your videos? I've been trying to do it for a while and it's been cresting on DTube, but it's extremely difficult for me.
I hope you can help me, I send you a big hug and a warm greeting from Mexico!

Hey bro, we hope you keep on #steeming and do this full time. When we do something that we enjoy it usually brings out the best of us. So I hope you stay real and give hope to others to become full-time #steemians. We can't wait to see more of your #vlogs so keep us updated.

Here is a #vlog from us @minigunner and @artakush so just check it out if you get some time.

from a thousand miles i bumped into this and it has really inspired me! consistency is really the key.

Good post 👍

Good job
I’ve been trying to get my VLOG on but. I’m having issues with my iPhone 6s not loading videos
Keeps telling me bandwidth error

I think its possible you made more than.... I had on this post so your on the road to success cant lye im jello but also happy for anyone who has success in any platform stay blesssed and best of luck to you!

Luar biasa terimakasih atas informasinya

Vlogging is a great way to pass on information to fellow steemians however it must be used with utter caution, Paul Logan today lost his vlog broadcasting contract with Youtube Ads for posting the video of a Japanese man commiting suicide.

I must say that I watched your video to the end and indeed it is totally elaborate and is a good way to encourage those that are skeptical about the whole steeming idea.

The video informs the viewer that you can not jump to the top in just a day as even "Rome was not built in one day". Getting to the top requires substantive dedication and persistence. #tkc

Thank you @spenceryan for passing on this piece of information.

It seems like it's easier to make video content than blogs... IMO

Hey great post, thank you for that! Right now, I would follow your advice and be more active about anything going on in this community, but I dont know whether or not the content im creating is good enough. It is not that Im not self confident in what im doing, or not motivated enough, I just got no single reply , I miss some feedback :<

Thanks for this video bro!! This is what I needed. I'm trying to make enough to start my crypto mining farm and the info in this video will surely help get me there.

Well this post is doing very well for you! Great job.

Very cool post

I fucking hate how all these videos are all super extra edited and super cut like very 5 seconds .. its fucking annnoying and gets olds fast....


Hahaha this is mad funny. Much love fam.

That's what acromott and I do full time :) Steemit! Loving life! :)

Very good advice. New Steemit content providers should definitely watch this video before they do anything else.

Great post bro and good luck with the future. I am looking to make a living from this myself.
Part of my journey is promoting work like yours. If you want you can tag your work with @team-solutions and I will promote your work. Happy days ahead and long live

I'm new on Steemix! Good luck

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its a better place to earn & make friends.joined 2 days back & im loving steem

Your out here crushing it. I feel like your up on the game right now!!!

thank you for your sharing.nice post :)

Great video man, I just found your channel poking around Steemit and couldn't agree more. Consistency is such an important thing to remember, especially when we are all just starting out.

We get frustrated so quickly and expect things to fall into our laps without effort...But you hit the nail on the head, nothing worth anything...Comes easy!

You have a new follower and fan in me....Looking forward to going on this journey with you! Fantastic content :)

Law of Attraction! If u can see it, you can reach it!!! Great vlog!! Greetings from Hamburg Germany

Great video for beginners like me, thank you

This is definitely a goal that most people coming on to steemit have. You were successful in a super short amount of time- but this wasn’t new for you and obviously you put out quality content. It seems like you are genuine about wanting to help others be successful too. Thanks for that. Wish me luck in my journey!

i am 24 too and you inspired me to become full time STEEMIAN :) .
i am following you to learn new stuff from you .

I'm full time crypto! Can't rely on YouTube...... they won't monetize my crypto channel for some reason.

Just do It 👏👏👏

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Congratulations @spenceryan! :)

Nothing valuable comes fast. This is one motivational phrase I repeat to myself everyday. Many people don't considere it enough. Look at momst traders, does that will never succeed. They think they'll get rich overnight and then sell in panic mode losing all their money.
So again, nothing valuable comes fast.
Whishing you the best of luck, you seem to be a nice guy!

hellooo thank youu

Comrade, your constant jump cuts gave me momentary seizure. Thankfully wife was next to me to administer vodka, congratulations on full time jump cut job.