Random Vlog # 2 - Tell Them To Go F#%ck Themselves

in #dtube5 years ago (edited)

Hey guys!

Welcome to my Random Vlog numero dos!

This one is about respect and when people is being disrespectful to you

Too many young girls don't know what do to when someone is being disrispectful to them.
They giggle or they try to brush it off. Don't do that, tell them to go fuck themselves.
Be a bitch. If someone's being disrespectful to you, be disrespectful right back.
Show them the same amount of respect they show you.

Thanks a lot for watching!

Have an awesome day/night!

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Hey @soykatonline!
Que pena que mi internet es muy mala, no puedo mirar el video...
El tema es muy bueno :)

Hola! Como estas? Que mal que mo lo puedas ver, pero igual gracias por estar aquí! Un abrazo!

I just think to my self whatever. And walk away.

Sometimes it’s better to do what you just said... but there are times when people act really bad and you need to call them out. Or at least that’s how i feel.

Hola aquí te doy el like de premio que te llevaste la otra vez por adivinar la canción en mi video. Por cierto he subido 2 o 3 parecidos y vendrán más. Saludos y sigue así.

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Omg Thanks a lot! I just saw this! I truly appreciate it!

Definitely a strong but needed message

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