STEEMDANCE - 7 R I N G S feat. @Lisadang

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For everyone who is new to my blog - Welcome to SteemDance!

My good friends @lisadang , @thehipsterguru and I finally had some time to shoot a video for my community here on Steemit. For this episode, we chose a choreography created by two dance queens from Los Angeles. Aliya Janell and Jojo Gomez are two incredibly talented dancers and I am so proud to have taken their classes in California last year. 

Jojo and Aliya are two power women which mean we had to really challenge ourselves in order to keep up with the speed. Dancing on heels is also a challenge. Not only your posture changes, but you also have to deal with your balance which can be tricky especially with turns. 

The song is by Ariana Grande and it might sound familiar to you since I made a choreography to this song by myself in the previous SteemDance episode. Ariana Grande is one of the most successful female artists who exist right now. Her voice is very unique and her sound reminds me of an angel. 

@thehipsterguru was not only our videographer, but he also did the edit. His work always inspired me to create new pieces and I have definitely some new combos in mind. 😎

Click here for the video

I hope you enjoyed this episode. 

*Gee Thanks* for watching 😉 

Until next time!

Love, Soldier 

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Awesome ladies!!! And great filming and editing by @thehipsterguru as expected ;)

Are you guys coming to the London Blockchain Expo this year? :)

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Unfortunately, I don´t think so but I would love to see you again!


Likewise!!! Hope you're all well <3

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Perfectly choreograph wow that was awesome !!!!


Thanks so much 🙏🏼

Cool Video, awesome dancing. Tell me there's an actfit report on steemit for it? lol.. Enjoyed it, Thanks!


To be honest, the whole actfit movement passed by me. What is it about? Maybe we should implement the dancing ;)

I guess you guys can make this one as your special niche. I'm enjoying this so you got a Re-steem. 😉

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Thank you @farizal, I appreciate your support 🙌🏼
I actually started this niche back in 2016 but unfortunately, I didn´t have enough time to continuously create those videos but I´m working on it ;) More is definitely coming soon!

bind blowing video, awsome fire


Thanks Love!

Yes yes.... Soldier and Lisa burning the floor up.🔥🔥



Dance very well, I loved it :D


Thanks, Claudio :-)

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Sorry @feedompoint, I didn´t mean to spam you. But because you are an inspirational content creator, I thought you might want to give it a try.

Hey I'm not mad what you do, but You send to lot your commends out what this advertising APP... not good. I'm sure this not end good :))))


Hey @foxkoit,
I didn´t mean to bother you. But before judging, maybe you´ll give it a try. I liked your photography and I´m sure you´re gonna love the app. Best wishes

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