How To: Bad Karaoke with Simgirl & Snook

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Yes! The rumor is true! @simgirlandsnook's Bad Karaoke Contest is back by popular demand! There have been a few rule changes that I wanted to go through so everyone starts out on the same page.

For the contest, you will first need your own Twitch account. I used a username there that was as close to my Steem name as I could. This is not something you have to do but for me, it was easier to keep track of where I am.

You do not have to download the Twitch Front end onto your computer. I use Twitch right through my browser.

Once you have your own Twitch account you are going to have to download the program Twitch: Sings. This version of SimgirlandSnook's Bad Karaoke will be using Twitch: Sings as the base for the contest.

If you can not download Twitch: Sings for any reason you can still enter the contest by making a regular video of you singing the song/theme of the week. We are using Twitch sings for a few reasons. The first being that it is free to use! The second reason is the program has a ton of all different kinds of songs to choose from plus if you are camera shy the program comes with its own built-in avatar.

No more finding things to hide behind!! I am very sure @inthenow will be happy to hear that!

If you are unsure about anything please take time to watch the above video where I go through step by step how to make your own Bad Karaoke video!

For more information on the SimgirlandSnook bad Karaoke contest please read To Bad Karaoke or Not to Bad Karaoke- That is the Question!!

Let's all get our karaoke hats on and bring some fun entertainment to Steem!

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Here is an example of super great bad karaoke:

What a T-Witch? Is she related to Mr T?

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HAAAAAAAAAA! this made me think and then laugh :D
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