Minecraft~I want to be a Girl!

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The game Minecraft was released May 17, 2009. My knowledge of Minecraft is: I know nothing about it. I did hear about the game from my son at the time. He had a friend that loved to play it. The End.

Now, wait! Why did you buy a game that you know nothing about and make your own girl avatar skin?

Hmm...Ahhh... Well....

Just Spill It!

Okay, so it goes like this.

I have not been able to sleep at night so I have been watching a lot of videos. A Lot. I clicked on a suggested video link and in the video was someone playing Minecraft. I ended up watching 4 episodes that night. The gameplay was very different then I had been lead to believe. I was hooked on watching this guy play.

Fate then came into play when we sold some of my Father in Laws old house stain. I slept through the selling of it because the guy came to my house at 11:00 am. Yes, I know. Anyway, my Father in Law did not want the money from the sale so I ended up getting one half of the money for the sale. The exact amount to cover the cost of the game Minecraft. Fate.

I came home from buying the game and proceeded to download it on my computer. The game worked fine but it was not as pretty as I had seen on the videos I had been watching. The last straw was the avatar was male. I can forgive many things but I really do not like playing a male in a game.

I went on a Google hunt. Downloaded the top-rated, up to date, shader. A shader is a code that makes the graphics look smoother in Minecraft. I clicked wrong and downloaded a virus as I had said in a previous post. Two days later, with everything downloaded and my computer back up and running, I loaded the game to play it. I took a look at the avatar and sighed.

I asked a few of my friends if they knew where I could get a girl avatar that would not cause another virus on my computer. One friend sent me two, 3 gazillion page PDF's. For those that know me, I don't think I have to even go any farther explaining what happened then.

Back to Google, I went. I found a great video tutorial on how to make my own female avatar. I blindly followed the tutorial and surprisingly I ended up with an avatar I liked. I then proceeded to make it better? different? More mine.

I have to admit I still have not played the game but I now have pretty graphics and a very cool pink and purple-haired female avatar.

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HA! A new addiction? My grandson has been playing this for several years...he has some really cool creations. Have fun chicka!

Thank You and not YET an addiction LOL. but it could be sooooooon LOLL

Oh, my, because you had ALL kinds of time, with no gaming so far?

thanks for presenting #pypt @pypt

Nope I have not played it yet LOLL

and really it's a no sleeping thing and a virus thing that made me not play it yet and the boy avatar LOLL

You have to LOOK good to play! Rule Number one!

I sent your man a video that you watched, so will we see you sitting on the back porch doing the pest control?

& if so, will you make videos about it?


I read this last night before sleeping and I had a whole video I was going to do today for you but............. I had to leave the house and get stuff done so .......... and the neighbors had a party and ......well they think I am nuts anyway so didn't want the white coats coming for me LOLL

That's cute.

Thank You!!!

tip0s de amigos menciona a tus amigos😂😂👌👌😎

They know who they are :)


@mianda would love this as a grrl minecraft player as well!

Half asleep #pypt is the best!

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! is there nothing she can not do? :D

You are very lucky!!

found it in #pypt discord, be back later snook to read it with focus.😉

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Thank You for stopping :D

I'm glad your girl avatar woke up in time for PYPT this week! Love the pink hair! 😁

Hi snook the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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Thank You!!

You made creating the design look so easy, hope the addictio persisits... in moderation. lol

Also, would love it if you told me the name of the first soundtrack you used, had to rewind it a few times. #pypt

Thank You!!

You can find the song here and search for 'yellow_jello' :D

very creative have a great day!

Thank you!! and You also!

You are welcome @snook

Hot pink hair... hehehe... I love it...First I thought it's a robot.. hahaha.. Thanks a lot for presenting this post...

Thank You for stopping by <3