STEEM Park Timelapse [Sneak Peek]

in dtube •  8 months ago

The Place that STEEM Built

Here is a time lapse from the opening day of STEEM Park back in July. We had a blast meeting other Steemians and building this community project!

STEEM Park is a public garden designed and funded exclusively through, a social media website that rewards impactful content with digital currency (STEEM). This garden within Herbert von King Park represents an entirely new way to empower community projects and celebrate special places within our own neighborhoods. The project was created and executed by designers Kirk Finkel ( @voronoi ) and Michael Lee ( @hansikhouse ) of @sndbox. Learn more about this project, here.

  • When? : STEEM Park opened July 16th, 2017.
  • Where? : Herbert Von King Park in Brooklyn, New York.

A Sneak Peek Exclusively on DTube

Our team is so excited at the potential for DTube and exploring video-media on the blockchain. Stay tuned for more, the STEEM Park documentary is in it’s final stages and should be released at the end of this month!


► Watch on DTube
► Watch Source (IPFS)
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I'd love to visit this place and hope to visit there myself someday. You took an awesome little video that has scrunched a whole block of time into a few seconds.

Good job, buddy.


You should visit! We're always nearby =)

Hey good morning,
Just scanning through trending while i drink my coffee, and I came across your blog!
Anyway, THATS ME IN THE BLUE SHIRT @ryan313 ...... And my daughter is standing next to me. I'm from New Jersey and wanted to bring my two kids 9 & 7 years old to the GRAND OPENING of STEEMPARK! We had a lot of fun and being there and being a part of this new steem community was really special for me esp. since I spent the day with my children at STEEMPARK. UPVOTED FOLLOWED RESTEEMED THANKS


@ryan313 that's you!! It has been pretty cool to look back on footage from that day and see familiar faces. Thank you again for coming out to the opening with your family and enjoying the afternoon with us! :)

Stay tuned for the full documentary soon!


I so glad I went with my kids they still talk about it! When I showed my daughter the time lapse she loved it! Thanks for your kind words.


I saw you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a story post to make it simply to do.

Thats pretty awesome video thanks !

Awesome idea ;)


Thanks for the support!

Steem Park, another step towards success! Steemit is growing and so are we. I see more and more people earning their living from Steemit and this increases with every passing day. A big relief that pain and sufferings in the world are becoming less to some extent just because of Steemit. Thank You @sndbox for sharing.


Thanks very much @ugetfunded!

Nice video! Cool planter pots! I'd like to ask how the team made these planters? I'd like to do similar display of plants in my neighbor hood park.


Hi @origins1! I'd recommend starting from our Press Release and further exploring our @hitheryon account. We dedicated about 2 months to explaining the full fundraising and implementation process.

Going mainstream I see :)


Mainstream to the moon!

Well I can't wait to see the full documentry. I wish we got some of those parks in Turkey. Socializing with other steemians would be fun in there.


We're definitely up for helping you achieve similar projects in Turkey now that you're part of @sndbox @steeminator3000!

Really nice... Keep uploading other posts like this. Also check out my profile for photography and art direction

So great!! Your efforts have been extraordinary!


Thank you for the enthusiasm @gardenlady!

....with the power of steem we can build a lot of things thank you for sharing @sndbox and i want to thank both @voronoi & @hansikhouse for such amazing initiative #RESPECT ;)

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Very nice thank you for sharing.


Absolutely! Thank you @bigbear

Hurricane Irma arrive at florida @ 9 sept. 2017!/v/joshcash/s18d3x1k

Awesome, thanks for sharing :)

Nice! I'll be thrilled if you check out my videos thanx

I <3 timelapses

How many streempark already built? I there any plan to have steem park in Philippines? Its really nice to have it.

i love this! would love a STEEM PARK here in Australia :D

wow very good..
nice post..




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help me..

What? That is awesome! Talk about transforming an idea into reality / Great stuff (-:


Thanks for the support as always @clumsysilverdad!

What a great idea! The world needs more of this unique and planet friendly way of advertising that's for sure! I hope you got a few people interested in joining the Steemit platform.