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Long time no see. :)

Cant really say much else other then i have been busy and had to deal with some health related things. (all is well :) )

Hopefully ill be posting more in the coming weeks. I have my trusted phone camera ready so ill try and mix it up a bit.

I probably wont go back to posting covers every day because that is super boring. hehe.

My goal is doing 1 video like this a week and over time hopefully improve my equipment.

See you soon. :)

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I used to be a bard like you, till i took a arrow to the knee lol

I just saw this video of yours and it gave me goosbumps... Loved skyrim and you mad eme listen to that song in a whole other way..

Fucking looooovvvvveeeeddddd it.. Definitely following

Thx. How did you even find this. :)
Its 5 month old post. hehe

Uhmmmm... Actually im not sure, I think it was on a curators page that hasn't shared anything since that time.

Still lol I am very glad I did.

That was incredible. I have always admired the ability to play stringed instruments (well, the kind that use bows) and the dedication it takes to obtain actual talent on them. This really impressed me. Well done!

Aww. Thank you. :)
Its been 3 days since i posted this so its nice to see people still dropping by.

Really cool :)

thankyou :)

Thanks for the resteem.

Looking pretty and I hope your health issue resolves... been myself in the grasp of some unconvenient health issues including spraining my hand so badly I still can't grasp a cup :( but on the mend. That was incredible by the way...

Yep. Doing better now.
You cant really anticipate these things.

Hope you recover soon. :)

And thx for the nice words.

no, we can never expect ... healing wishes and a hug! :) on the mend myself... it's been lots of things really XD but well here we are standing

What an awesome video! This is definetly something for #the5reelgood week 4! Thanks for sharing your talent with us :)


Thank you for leaving a nice comment. :)

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Good luck with this weeks contest!



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Great camera work, Croat nature XD

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