enjoy my cover dance.

in dtube •  12 days ago

this me sharif shuvo. hope you are fine. today i share little bit of news. actually i am not a professional dancer, but i love dance. today i create this dancing video . you guys are know, right now dilbar dilbar song is very popular in Asia. i also like this song. i just try to cover this song. i don't know how was That. but i try normally. please consider my mistakes and you guys are stay with me. your support, my inspiration. ❤ the symbol of love for you guys thank you.

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Haha so funny dance dear but I like your attitude..... great work


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thank you for your nice compliment brother.

This is great!!! I mean its hilaroius but you CAN dance. Like if you weren't being a bit silly. Dancing with the starS!!!I can't dance. Just too left feet #zap+


thanks for your compliment #zap

Very entertaining and awesome moves!!! FUN!!!
My day is so much better noow!! You MUST upload more positive and fun dancing videos like this !!!

looks like you wanted to take up dancing as a hobby sometime in the past hmmmm!!! good moves!!


my pleasure.

Entertainment is full on... i should practice those steps... enjoyed it..


thanks for your compliment.


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Those dancing skills got you an upvote + curation trail by @dunite!

Keep the entertaining content coming @shuvo35!