໒( ” ͠° ʖ̫ °͠ ” )७ Burger King Makes Stupid Argument For Net Neutrality

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Check me out on DTube:

This kind of idiocy is what happens when soft, mainstream brands try to get political: they make the dumbest arguments!

Here's their stupid commercial:

And what I think:

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He's right to make the stupidest arguments, but he entertains the video! keep loading content like that. greeting

My own understanding of the issues surrounding net neutrality is a bit different. For one thing, I'm not sure we can qualify ISP's as being part of a free market. Andreas Antonopoulos has said that all 5 backbone providers are owned by the NSA. The ISP's are merging in much the same way that telecom companies were doing in the 1990's. The lack of competition can lead to the following scenario...

Imagine that ISP Comcast owns 65% of all the bandwidth in the world and that the CEO has stock in several companies he wants to succeed. He can simply create a situation where web service providers that offer the competition end up in the slow lane.

The best answer IMO is that we should render the whole issue of net neutrality moot by decentralizing the web and ISP's. The fact that we even talk about this issue is a sign that the internet has gone too far down the path towards centralization. You might want to check out blockstack.org...

A similar model can be found in bitcoin... There's a satellite setup created by Blockstream...

Make Internet Decentralized Again

love the content