Imposter Syndrome And How To Beat It

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Imposter syndrome is where someone exhibits a psychological pattern of doubting their accomplishments and has a persisting internalized fear of being exposed as an imposter or fraud.

This can be crippling for content creators as they do not want to misinform their audience and at an extreme could lead them to believe it's better that they do nothing rather than be exposed as a fraud.

This tends to align with the notion of knowing that you don't know much. The awareness and realization that everyone is learning and on a similar path as well as feeling the same thing when they pursue something new as well.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this and if you've experienced this and how you deal with it.

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I DEFINITELY suffer from this! I make physical products (herbal and body care) and despite 12 years of business and some amazing product reviews, I still hesitate to bang my drum cos I'm scared someone might call it-me out to be worthless. I'm thinking quietly about how to combat this and gonna start by actively posting 1 review a day on my FB and instagram pages, and maybe adding one (where relevant) to my steem pages. Helpful post. Thank you from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Yeah I can totally relate, though you have got A LOT of experience. You are definitely an expert in my books :)

I can't really understand this tbh. I am myself always and I would never feel ashamed for being who I am or thinking what I think/doing what I do. This is what I was meant to do or I wouldn't be. I guess I can maybe begin to see the portion about letting people down. That could be promises unkept, passions left behind, etc. Hard to say what the best way to deal with any pyschological issues might be, each person is different. At least we are, for the most part, able to navigate a good handful of conditions and make them manageable.

I absolutely adore those eyes. I seen your post earlier today and I really liked the concept of a lookplz with those seeing posted in a comment against the night vision screen they are the bomb. Great avatar!

I am myself always and I would never feel ashamed for being who I am or thinking what I think/doing what I do.

Exactly how I feel, that's why I have only one avatar. It feels misleading and not being honestly yourself when you feel you have to post under many different avatars, like you would be afraid of being who you are.

Well thank you. :) I liked the concept too, which is why I chose it. lol. I'm working on developing things for my LOOK token on steem-engine also. Not sure if you've gotten into the tribes or not. I plan on integrating it with all of the tribes if I can! I have some goals for it that I will be updating everyone on as time goes on.

I agree. I may be an asshole at times... and I may be really nice others... but it is me, I do not hide myself. I let it be out in the open. No one is perfect. :P

Yeah and imposter syndrome isn't about not being yourself, it's about when you talk about a topic and you're afraid of someone thinking you're a fraud or an imposter in having any authority on the topic

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Bringing up impostor syndrome on a site where there are more impostor socks than one could shake a stick at...hilarious.

Every time I click on someone new I find myself often saying, "geez I know this writing style", or this person uses a lot of the same traits as someone else I know, or how ironic he uses the same symbols as such and such or like in your case I asked myself "is that a real nose, it never moves or twitches, his glasses never move either when he raises his eyebrows, why is his beard much darker it real?" You just can't help it here, it's like a game of "Who Am I" instead of a blogging

In all due seriousness to your question though I find myself more hesitant at allowing someone(s) to discover a weakness. That probably stems from instances in life at times where people look for an opening to try and hurt someone, bring someone down or make assumptions about them.

Haha I have a clone / cgi and I'm never really there in the video :O

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Wow @scottcbusiness.. I hadn't heard of impostor syndrome before. One of the ways I avoid this is I commonly tell people that I am sharing ideas, NOT truth.

Well said. I try to end most videos saying if you know of something better or more valid please let me and everyone else know