🅵🅸🅻🅼 Singapore promo for Air Asia - showing off my camera skills!

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I have made many types of films for many types of companies. On this occasion it was funky little teaser to show off a proposed web page which was designed to entice people into booking with Air Asia to Singapore!

Notice how I mix my time-lapse with with video shots, making it a fast and colourful presentation.

I was in Singapore for a just a few days, actually to shoot a French Perfume commercial, but whilst there I collected enough shots to use for a number of other projects too, as is my way.

It is a unique style which seems to help my work stand out from the competition.

These days I choose not to make films for big companies like this any more.

Follow my ongoing series in the @samstonehill account and you will understand better why that is.

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Can someone please confirm for me... does this film play for you???

I can't seem to get it to play

we shoukd have gone for coffee

If only I'd had free time! Was there for work. Next time it will be for pleasure... and absolutely! Let's meet up ;)

Oh you left already lol.

Yes, cool :-)

I am from Singapore and I'll NEVER take AirAsia man.

Either Jet Star or Flyscoot only.

Just be careful about checking in. Be on time!

Also yo, hit me up! Maybe we can meet!

Thanks for the tip!

And for sure... we will all have a Singapore Steemit drink when we make it there again!

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