🅵🅸🅻🅼 Milky Way timelapse on the night of Nyepi, Bali 2017

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This is the best time-lapse I have ever been able to capture of The Great Rift above us. Thanks to Bali switching off all lights on the island for one night every year.

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Nyepi: the night when the all evil spirits are called out and upon finding no light... the hope is that they leave the island, heading over to Java where they still have their lights on!

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I will be uploading one time-lapse shot a day from now on!

I've been doing this for many years and you are going to enjoy what I have in store for you....

For those of you too lazy to click onto DTube you can see this particular shot also on YouTube which can be displayed directly here:

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Wow.... that shot makes my soul long to witness it in person.

I love the story that goes along with it. Maybe I should start a petition in my state to turn the lights off so we can purge our evil spirits. Kind of vindictive of them to send them off to the other island though!

It's an amazing tradition. And yeah, why not? The whole world should do it one night. Imagine what we would see then! Assuming there was no moon and cloudless skies ;)

But even just the energy saved would be HUGE!

And who knows, perhaps all those evil spirits would head off in the direction of the brightest star :)

thx. most certainly a stunning view of our galaxy. i have been fascinated by the milky way since the first time i noticed it as a kid. i have always thought of the milky way as a sign of my creator. you know its there even on the nights you cant find it. the story that goes along with this particular view makes it extra special! thanks again, relish. ...and edited for yeah, this deserves a resteem.

It is most certainly something very special and I'm not sure that science has really explained it fully yet. To me it feels like a rip in the fabric of our canopy, perhaps an entrance/exit point for the non physical to pass through?

Whatever it is, the beauty of it cannot be denied. Hope you watched the film too ;)

Fantastic ! I'm lucky to see the same sky at night here in New Zealand
It is such a beautiful chance

One day my friend... I will join you there. I would love to see this every night, instead of just once a year ;)

I can't say every night but most of them =). Let me know when you are around !

The awesome night sky above our Sacred Tukad Petanu.

Thank you Sam

My pleasure to provide :)

This is amazing.. I've seen quite a bit of stars out in the country at my cousins' house before but I never realized how much of the view I was missing with just the small amount of light pollution from their small town. I hope to experience something like this some day!

No doubt you will my friend. I understand there are many places in the world where the light pollution and altitude permits us to see this amazing display in all its glory ;)


Thanks. I did the easy part! The stars did the rest ;)

That is just amazing!

Thanks for your support here. Very much appreciate your comment.

Was lucky to be in the right place at the right time with the right kit!

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