We are the Babies! an original song & live performance by Sam & Esteban

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My 1st ever entry for Steemit Open Mic Competition, week 56 - 'We are the babies!'

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I started writing this song two years ago as a lullaby to put Esteban to sleep... which worked great for a while, until he figured out who was the new boss in town!

So then the song evolved into something else...

And now he has a younger sister called Luna, it seemed fitting that I end the song with some words from her too.


Of course, these are all my words, but it was unquestionably THEIR energy which fed into my instinctive creative process, resulting in this music.

Sabrina & Luna were out this morning, so it felt like the right moment to stop delaying and just get this song recorded!

Those of you following my blog will know that Esteban currently has Rubella. Can you see how bothered he is by his condition?

If you have any kind of fear relating to this disease, I suggest you read my article on this subject posted last night before going to bed: https://steemit.com/health/@samstonehill/my-son-esteban-has-rubella-what-have-i-learned-from-this

Hope you enjoy this fun little moment from our home in the Jungle as much as we did 😋

Here it is on YouTube for those of you not yet using DTube regularly... which you should be!

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Baby is enjoying it :D


Which baby? The big one or the small one ;)


hahaha of course the small one :D
The big one is papa baby :D

This is brilliant! It's amazing how Esteban and Kai have such similar dance moves lol! Bravo papa 💚💯


Can't wait to see them dancing together!!! Pure gold 😂