Beautiful Amsterdam!

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Stunning Amsterdam! 🙊

If you haven't been to Amsterdam yet, stop everything right now, book a flight and go to Amsterdam! Take my word for it! You will not regret it.

The people and the culture are so open minded that it made me feel like a little bird that has been freed from its cage.The park was very beautiful and everywhere we looked, everyone was extremely active. Even the elderly were running and lifting weights in the park.

Peoples Voice

One of the most interesting and beautiful things that I saw was the this artwork inside the park which portrays the war and the issues in Palestine. It shows that even if people are from a different cultural background, in our heart we are all united!

Everlasting Memory

I will not forget my trip in Amsterdam! The people, the culture and the eco friendliness made me feel right at home. I will definitely go back again and again, and recommend you all to go there at least once in your lifetime!

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Love and Peace,

Ricky 🌸

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Some areas in this world are beautiful. I am pretty stunned by the fact, elders were lifting weights and were active. This isn't seen in Czech Republic much. In villages, they often work in gardens. But in cities, most people are rather passive. I both admire active elders and support them as their personality is also more kind than of the passive ones.


Thank you for your comment :)

Yes I was amazed how active everyone was. They were ride bikes, lifting weights and running. It has inspired me a lot to be more active. I was planning to visit Czech Republic soon. Any particular areas you recommend?



Thank you so much ❤

Happy to hear that you like Amsterdam that much. I can call it my home now for a few years already and its one of the best places I've ever been. Thing I like the most is that there are so many different people that you can basically wear anything you want without somebody noticing on the street. Tip for your next trip: Amsterdamse Bos. To escape form the fuzz in the city, only 15 minutes by bike from Vondelpark (the park you describe in the post), peaceful nature and nice café. Enjoy!


Many thanks! I will definitely go there @business10x :D